Praveen Mohan About India and Indian Civilization

Praveen Mohan has been the most requested guest. 


Praveen Mohan is known for his groundbreaking research on ancient history, archeology, and extraterrestrial theory. Praveen has appeared in TV shows like Ancient Aliens on History Channel, various interviews, and in magazines too.


The history we are taught is not the way it should be taught. I don’t blame the education system for this. People who wrote these history books were confined to the history discovered in the 80s or early 90s. 

This conversation is about ancient temples, human civilization, and the Nagas. 


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History Taught In School

“The book that we read today was written 100 years ago. But as we are globalizing, the information we find is thrown on social media and spreads to millions of people so we can see the fact. When the books were being written, the information was somewhat limited.”


Praveen Mohan About His Content

“I always get blamed a lot for covering more of south India, but most of the temples in the north are already demolished. This is also because all the northern Indians were fighting and protecting against the invaders, so we have many temples left in south India.”


Kailasa Temple

\"\"“Each temple is different. When I went to Kailasa temple, I thought no one could make a better temple as it was carved out of a single stone. It has pillars and is all just carved out of one stone. It should have been a wonder of the world. It is getting popular now. Yet many people don’t know about it.”


Childhood Of Praveen Mohan

“I grew up inside temples. Temples in the south close at 11 a.m. and open at 5 p.m. No one is allowed inside the temple at that time. The temples are huge in the south. I had the opportunity to be inside the temple during that time. As a child, I used to talk to God. I used to wonder why we have so many gods. Why are they in this way? They have a spiritual aspect.”


Why Are Indian Monuments Undiscovered By The World?

“People believe that civilization started only after the Mughals and the Europeans. You might know the first Mughal king, but you might not know who is the first Chola king. We have a traditional view of history. We evolve with time and keep on improving. But, this concept does not apply to India. We should have looked at Ajanta, but no one has worked on making something more evolved.”


Earthquake-Proof Temple In India

“There is a temple in Telangana, Ramappa. It has got UNESCO status. The temple is made of brick, and the structure is perfect. We took one of the bricks, and surprisingly it was very light. This brick didn’t even sink. We use the same technology today, but how did they create such bricks at that time? When you enter the temple, some beams have collapsed because of the earthquake.”

\"\"“You won’t realize there was an earthquake when you see from outside. The Japanese use the same technology today. They did earthquake-proofing 800 years ago.”


The Human Mind

“The human mind is such that if you want to see God eventually, you will. The mind starts finding things. The main objective of my research is to keep it open and not keep it limited to temples of India. I even travel abroad and try to find what is there.”


Similarities Between The Indian Civilization And Western Civilization

“I have shown various sites in America and Peru. Then I came to India. I found a lot of similarities between the Indian civilization and the civilization in Peru. They worship Naga.”


“There is a Brahma temple in Cambodia. There is a dinosaur craving in the temple. It is fascinating. Maybe ancient Indians carved the temple 1000 or 2000 years ago, but dinosaurs were extinct around 65 million years ago, so how did they carve it so accurately? How can you paint something like that without any records?”



“My perspective of Naga is different. Naga is used to refer to snakes. But in ancient scripts, Nagas are not snakes or humans. They looked human, but they could shapeshift. They didn’t live on the ground. They live underground, and it is said that nagas belong to Patalok.”


“Nagas are found everywhere. It is there in Columbia, Peru, and Sri Lanka. If you look at the entire world, there is a common story that the very first rulers over humans were Nagas. The Nagas came from somewhere and started to build civilization. If you visit Nagaland or Sri Lanka, they will tell you they have descended from the Nagas. Cambodia has a lot of Indian temples. Their very first ruler of Cambodia is called Soma. It is a Hindu, and she descends from the Naga. She marries a human, and this theory is dismissed as mythology. But some ruins are 2000 or 3000 years old. You can see the evidence of the Naga race existing.”


Carving On Ancient Temples

“Why are things carved on the ancient temples and monuments? At the bottom, there are animals carved, and it is not like an elephant or a lion. But carving of a baby elephant drinking milk. Why would someone carve this? It turns out the ancients divided the temple into multiple levels. At the bottom, it is always animals. It is for a child to see, and children would be interested in looking at it. Then, on level two, there are kinds of stuff related to science and technology. Then, on the third level, the carving is of wars. The fourth level is erotica which is at a height where a normal 21-25-year-old can see. It is natural. Erotica, meaning it also has carvings of how women gave birth. There is a carving of a woman giving birth while standing. And now even doctors suggest it.”


“It is done on stone as it would exist for long. Temple is not just a place of worship. It is even like Wikipedia. Ancestors knew that even after the destruction, the message would still be there.”


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