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Kajol is one of India\’s most incredible Bollywood actresses. She is the daughter of Tanuja and Shomu Mukherjee.

Kajol made her acting debut with Bekhudi (1992) while still in school. She subsequently had commercial successes in Baazigar (1993), opposite Shah Rukh Khan, and Yeh Dillagi (1994). Starring roles with Khan in the top-grossing romances Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) established her as a leading star in the 1990s and earned her two Filmfare Awards for Best Actress.

This is an organic conversation with Kajol. She shared some of her life’s deeper aspects. She also opened up about her married life, kids, her lifestyle, life goals & more.


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Changes Social Media Brought

“After covid, I feel people are more into instant gratification. It has even opened up new job opportunities. The one thing I love about social media is you don’t need to be confined to one thing. You can do multiple things at once.”

“I don’t use it much because I think it should be fun, and it is a tool for us to use. I would love to use it, but if I use it too much, it would be a job for me. I don’t like working 24/7.”


Kajol About Her Life

“I love my life. I am peaceful. I love to read, knit, spend time with myself, and work out. Spending time with my kids is what I enjoy the most. They keep me entertained. I have a good life which I have worked very hard to build it.”


Kajol About Her Marriage

“We are different. But, if we were similar, we wouldn’t be half interested in each other. We think about things differently.”


“I do meditate. For me, meditation is about me. I can meditate in a car or anywhere. For me, it is not about where I am. People say you need to sit in one place and focus. There are many definitions, but for me, the best definition is to be present in the moment. For me, if I am working out and listening to my music, and it is just me, for me is also meditation.”


Start Of Her Career

“When I started, there was a need to be street smart. There was no manager or social media. Now there are clear set boundaries. The way the world worked was how it was at that time. It was a different time. It was direct access. You had to know what to say and to read a room. Now there are more choices and people to guide you, like your manager or P.R. This is because of social media. But it is a boon for us.”



“I like spending time with myself. I read it somewhere that you have to fill your own bucket. It can be pain or happiness. But when you fill it with good stuff, only good stuff will come out. My bucket is a little bit of everything: sadness, anger, kindness, love, and light. Everybody has sadness. I would be a different person if it weren’t there. I am very much all because of it.”


“I aim for it to be perfect. But some things saddened me. I have grown. I think and behave differently. I liked myself at 16, but I love myself now. I love who I have become in life.”


About Ajay Devgan

“He believes every day is a new day. He always thinks he has to work three times harder. And he is doing what he loves. When you find your passion, everything fades, and hard work doesn’t seem like hard work.”


Impact of Her Mom

“Today, I am a different person. Yes, the basic principle remains the same because I was brought up by a fantastic mother. She taught me quality over quantity. I still thank her. I don’t know if I am half as brave as her, but that is my goal.”

Her Film Career

“I love Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I enjoyed shooting all my films. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was special because I was there since the very start when Karan thought of the film. The concussion was weird. I remember I was dazed and was not able to register anything.”

“We did it, and we did hope, but there is no way of knowing if will it be a hit. We just hoped the song works and does a good job on Friday\’s release.”


Shahrukh Khan

“Shahrukh, early on in his life, understood who he was and who he was expected to be in films. He lived up to it. He believes that he belongs to people. He works hard, and he still works 24/7.”


Working On Inner Self

“I think you have to work on your inner and your outer self. After your 40s, your inner self will be visible outward. Some people are stressed and regret stuff, and because of this, their skin might not be radiant. As far as my outer self is concerned, I drink a lot of water and get proper sleep.”


Best And Worst Parts About The Industry

“I think the best part about it is all the people I have worked with will always be your friends. From the D.O.P. to the light man to everyone you have interacted with on-set, become your friends. We may not meet each other again, but we can be open with them.”

“The worst part is the vanity van. It is comfortable, but we don’t get to sit together and eat.”


About Bollywood

“The film industry is also statistically driven. We consider everything. But the films that you are watching now have been in the making for the last five years. Everyone is looking at only one film here and now. It takes a lot of time to put everything together. It is not instant.”


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