Acharya Prashant’s Spiritual Explanation On Love, S*x, Greed & Consciousness

Extremely grateful to have Acharya Prashant on the show. He is an Indian author and an Advaita teacher. He teaches seventeen forms of Gita and sixty forms of Upanishads. He is the founder of a non-profit organization named PrashantAdvait Foundation and is a vegan activist.

Aacharya Prashant is not an spiritual guru. He is someone who has studied world philosophy. 

In this blog, we spoke about higher beings, love, etc. 

I hope you enjoy reading this.

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We recorded a Hindi episode as well. Make sure to check it out.

Human Beings Assumption

“Man has become far too powerful for himself. We aren’t that smart yet. Somehow, we have assumed to have a lot of authority over ourselves. We never had as much power over our surroundings as we have today. We are exploiting nature. We are not as smart and sorted as we think we are. Just because we have made a little progress, we don’t know who we are and what we want.”

“Man today is more depressed and anxious than he ever was. A study said that people who fought in the world war were less depressed and anxious than today’s teenagers. We are in a terrible situation. Nobody seems to be caring or bothered enough to care.”

Need For Sex

“For the animal, it is purely physical, as its mental existence is limited. They don’t crack jokes or ask for the meaning of life. Man is different. His nature and needs are distinct from the body. Man wants to fulfill the needs of this consciousness. Sex for a human being is something that fulfills his or her consciousness. It can’t be entirely physical, as there would be no difference between humans and animals. It is a momentary satisfaction.”

What Is Love?

“The Bhagwat Gita talks about these six emotions as an enemy- lust, anger, envy, illusion, fear, and attachment. Attachment to anything worldly. Love and attachment are mutually exclusive. Love precludes attachment. You can’t be a loving person without being detached.”

“Once you call these emotions the enemy, you will not allow these emotions to come close or dictate to you. You should not hide your factuality. You can call attachment love or fear as responsibility. There is the false name assigned to what is within.”


“There is nobody who has not gone the way of their desire. The thing that you are experiencing today is not something new. It has happened to you in other shapes, forms, and times in this life. It is just a renamed and polished version. If that couldn’t help you, how would this help you?”

Choosing The Right Person

“We don’t know everything about ourselves. Then how will we know which person to go for? So, just like we make blind and random choices, we pick random people who coincidentally come into our life.”


“Prayer is when you realize the way you operate and think and apply your mind to it, and take you only so far. So you pause and sit in silence. That silence is prayer. Asking for things is desire. Prayer is where you admit you are small and surrender to the power beyond. It is an exercise to get rid of your pestering existence.”

“Consciousness tells you your eyes are closed and does not tell you to close them. Consciousness is that thing behind the eyes that looks out through your eyes.”


“Suffering is a part of life. There are three types of inner suffering. One is purely material things. Second is material things that don’t make sense, like feminine conditions. The third one is when you have everything in abundance but are still unfulfilled.”


“How will you get love if you keep blocking it? It is the ego that the world is not giving you love. Are you prepared to accept love? Love destroys you in the right sense. Real love is a destroyer. It will not leave you the way you are currently. People think of love as praises and validation.”

“If everybody is loving everybody, then how come to the world is in such a terrible state? We don’t know love because we are spiritually illiterate. Love is what makes life tolerable and joyful. For that, you need real love.” 

There were many points where I would disagree with Aacharya Prashant, but I was amazed to listen to him. 

I gained a 360-degree worldview. 

Thank You!

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