FIFA and Football Basic Lessons

Many people are sharing stories about the great win of Argentine in the FIFA world cup 2022. But what are these football leagues, and why is it considered so great? Read the whole blog to find out. 

As soon as my college life ended, I learned sports teach you much more about life than education systems ever can.

Because skills like people management, mental health management, fitness, determination, and motivation can be learned through the world of sports.

\"\"Many of you might not know much about football, so this is the basics of football.


Basics of Football

In football, various tournaments and leagues happen all year long. European leagues are the highest-quality league. 

Players all around the world want to play in this league as it is the highest level of football.


The players who play well all year round are selected to play for their country, and they aim to win the trophy.


Out of the top five European leagues, the top 3 or top 4 qualify for the champions league which is an inter-club competition. 


Importance Of Infrastructure

Brazil is a good footballing nation, yet their leagues are not great. It is because of the governance. 

The infrastructure of Brazil is not as good as Europe. This is the reason why most of the US, Brazilian, and Argentine players want to be a part of the European league.


Team Management

In cricket,  the most important is the captain. In football, there are eleven players, and the twelfth is the team manager. The strategy and attitude of a manager affect the football team a lot. They have to manage the team and the club as well. 


Basic Football Formation

There are three basic football formations.

4-4-2, 4-3-3, and 3-4-3.

The first number is of the defenders, and the last one is of attackers while the middle one is of the midfielders. The central attackers are the most important ones and they are the most disciplined players with high stamina. Defenders are usually tall and strong. The right back and left back are important players now.


My Journey Of Playing Football

It is a fitness-oriented game. You will learn more about it when you start playing it. I started playing football at the age of 25. It has been the best decision as my fitness and health level have improved. You just feel a lot happier, and it is a team-oriented sport.


When you start understanding the strategies, you will love football.


If you want to get into football start playing FIFA video games. You can learn about the player, team members, and managers.


Just like cricket teaches you some life lessons, football is the same. Football is an emotionally activated sport. You can witness their emotions live. Through cricket, I have learned about individual mentality, whereas through football, I have learned about team mentality. You will get more involved in football when you start watching their matches, and the interviews of the team members and the managers. 


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