Vir Das- USA, Bollywood, Controversies and His Writing Process

Vir Das is an Indian Comedian, actor, and musician. He started his career as a stand-up comedian. He then moved into the Indian Cinema and was a supporting actor in movies like Badmaash Company, Delhi Belly, and Go Goa Gone. After a successful career in acting, he decided to switch back to comedy but this time on a global level.

It was an honor to host Vir Das on The Ranveer Show.

We spoke about his journey, the way of writing, controversies, etc.


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Writing Process 

“I have put in hours, and try to put myself in rooms where I am nervous. Comedy is a democratic profession. A 25-year-old could kill a set, and I have put myself in one mic situation for two years before performing my main set.”

“I am up at 6:30 and till 10 a.m. I complete my script. I start the day with 10 minutes of gratitude, and after that, I start writing my scripts. I write down around five pages. After that for the next two days, I walk around the house reading it out loud before performing it. Then the five pages are cut down to one. After that, I try performing it live in some clubs and recorded those sets for reference. Then after returning home, I listened to that recording and worked on removing the parts that didn’t work and worked more on the parts of the set that did work.” 


“My whole family was threatened after that, and it was nobody\’s fault. I am responsible for my circumstances. I am an artist, and I have been taught to accept feedback with my mouth shut. I have to honor every critic as an artist. And about being threatened, I don’t care much. But I am a comedian, and the important question for me is whether it is funny. I took that drama, sat and wrote a script about it, and recorded my next show😂. I have made a complete ass of myself in that show.”

Life So Far

“I live in Goa and Mumbai and tour the world all year round. I like going to America for 3-4 months a year because that is where some of the best comedians are, and I want to bat at a global level. America pushes you to grow.”


“The Gen-Z smells bullshit a mile away and values authenticity. And with social media blowing up, you put up a reel. You are the hero as you should be and not like how it is limited to the privileged people in Bollywood. With the pandemic, all Bollywood people struggle to be themselves on social media. So Gen-Z got interested in knowing the real India, and if they need escapism, they would want something like Avengers, Bahubali, or something like RRR.”

Job Of A Journalist 

“Everyone wants to pat themselves saying doctors are passionate or actors are, but journalists are truly passionate. It would be best if you had that fire in your belly to be a journalist. You can see the pain in their eyes. They give up so many things.”

Life of A Comedian 

“I work when you party. Every holiday that you spend with your family or every weekend that you chill after a work week, I am at work. So I get it. I tour for half the year, and last year I traveled for eight months. I miss out on a lot of things in my personal life. But on the other hand, who gets to say that you have seen the actual world? I do. I believe that when god gives some, he takes some.”

His Belief 

“I believe in a higher power. I believe there is a creator. I do believe in Karma. For me, God is someone who enables me to be kind. My beliefs change as I sometimes pray to Lord Hanuman, and sometimes it is Lord Ganesha. I don’t pray to ask God for something for me.”

Transcendental Meditation 

“I need transcendental meditation. When you do it, it\’s either your mantra that leads your breath or your breath leads your mantra. Sometimes the mantra aligns your breath and moves back to your head, and when you have thoughts, those thoughts are in that rhyme. It took work, and I don’t do it every day. But I would recommend it to everyone.”


I was amazed and honored to host Vir Das. 


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