LT. General KJS. Dhillon Opens Up On TRUTH About Kashmir, Terrorism & More

KJS Dhillon is a retired General Officer of the Indian Army. He last served as the Director General Defence Intelligence Agency and Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff under the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) from 2020 to 2022.

It is an absolute pleasure to host and learn from the people in the defense forces. Keep expecting even more powerful army stories on the show going forward.


We have had a few conversations with army veterans who shared their experiences, combat training, etc. But we never had someone like Tiny Dhilon, who served as the head of the defense intelligence agency. 


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Important Qualities

“Gone are the days of physical combat. These days it happens very rarely where you don’t use weapons. Now the things that matter are your thinking ability, leadership qualities, and how you plan your next move. Your physical appearance doesn’t matter.”


False Narrative About Indian Forces

“Expressing yourself, communicating, and showcasing your operation with keeping confidentiality in mind is all good. We need to show people our operations. The enemy countries make a false narrative about us. Social media is one part of it then there is the engineering of minds that goes on. Unfortunately, when it comes to showcasing people from Indian Army, the Indian army has a lot to work on.” 


Saddest Truth

“My wife has heard my death news twice. There was a misunderstanding. I was not present during their birth or when they joined school or college. My wife managed it all alone. She was around eight months pregnant when she heard it for the first time. She didn’t sleep the whole night. She hid the newspaper, so our parents don’t come to know about this from someone else. She had the prepare them first. She did not cry and hid her emotion.”

“Even the second time, she heard and kept it to herself strong. The contribution of a soldier’s wife in their life should be acknowledged and honored. They are the most powerful women.”


The Truth Behind Pakistan Attacking Kashmir

“Pakistan wanted Kashmir to be destabilized and keep people of the world distracted so they won’t be asked about their own economic or political situation. When the Kashmiri Pandits came out of Kashmir the education system suffered as all the teachers had left Kashmir. Every second day was a lockdown over there. The students lost their primary years of education. And because 370 and 35(A) industries and multinational companies weren’t allowed in Kashmir, the job opportunities were fewer. Because of terrorism, tourism went down.”


“Pakistanis didn’t want the students to get a good education. But now, with the 370 section being removed, Kashmir is in an upward growth. Normal Kashmiris want a peaceful and normal life.”



“I believe in Karma. For me, Karma is instinct. If I am a good commander, plan properly, and lead my team I believe I can come back safe with my team. I would want to do things rightly and in the right matter for the good of my team.”


Siachen Glacier

“The highest battlefield on Earth is Siachen Glacier. India is fighting there, and it is also protecting its silent territories. The military team is guarding all our borders, or may it be hills or the coastline.”

Use Of Technology In the Indian Army

“Drones have gained some importance. They are part of the overall war-fighting network. But they are not a stand-alone system.”


Cyber And Space Agencies

“We have a defense cyber and space agency. They work in conjunction with other non-military agencies of India. They are actively involved. It is there in the open.”


Defence Intelligence Agency

“Defence Intelligence agency is an agency that collects information. The agencies collect the information. Intelligence agencies are of two types, one takes action as soon as they get the information. One more is background intelligence which keeps track of these sleeper cells and takes action when they feel the time is right.”


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  1. J&K should have been partitioned in 1947 by the British in the same way Punjab was partitioned. That would have settled this dispute.

  2. Your information blog well informed and easy to understand the content structure of this blog is very good..
    Nice..👍Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Your information blog well informed and easy to understand the content structure of this blog is very good..
    Nice..👍Thanks for sharing with us.

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