The Secret Treasures Of Indian Temples – Praveen Mohan

Praveen Mohan has been one of the most requested guests on the show since 2019. He is known for his groundbreaking research on ancient history, archeology, and extraterrestrial theory. Praveen has appeared in TV shows like Ancient Aliens on History Channel, various interviews, and in magazines too.

Padmanabha Swamy Temple

“I have been to the outside of the temple. When I visited, there were restrictions, and no photography or videography was allowed. Currently, they are in a lawsuit because many treasures have been found in the vaults of these temples. There is one particular vault B, for which they are fighting back and forth. They don’t want it opened. They found money worth billions of dollars.”

\"\"“There have been underground vaults which weren’t supposed to open. There are stories of people who opened the vault and fainted or saw snakes coming out. It is not just one chamber. They found treasure in one chamber then they found doors behind that, and it goes on. It goes like a slope. They opened the doors and reached vault B, where the door has two intertwined snakes. But the priest has predicted that if that door opens, the world will end.”


Temple History And Unknown Facts

“The temples were a part of a family or a group of people. But in the last fifty or hundred years, the temple\’s property belongs to the state government. They want to open it because it will bring them a lot of revenue.”

“You might find money, or there might be some ancient Indian text which could be valuable to build a better future. And the door has Nagas, so there are predictions that it would be the entrance to Patal Lok. You never know. It may be full of gold or money or information.”


“Underneath every temple, there are small pieces of gold or silver. It is done at the time of Bhoomi Pujan. It might be because the J.J. Thomson effect states that metals like gold and silver attract positive energy. It might sound like pseudo-science, but we are yet to figure that out.”



“Batteries were found in the Pyramids, but no one wants to talk about why it was used for. If you go inside there is a Dendera temple where are carving of people holding huge devices with wires. It looks like bulbs. People have tried making it. In Bagdad, they found pots with traces of electrolytes in them. Such devices do exist. Saqqara pyramid was the first to be built, but that is not true. In Uttar Pradesh, you can find a pyramid built by the father of Draupadi. It is called Ahichchhatra. It was built during the Mahabharata.”

“It takes about twenty minutes to climb. It is one of the oldest. We don’t know the reason for it being built.”

“There is a pyramid in Combodia in the middle of a jungle there is a pyramid. And once upon a time there was a big lingam there. It is said that the lingam was made of crystal. Hindus were building pyramids, but why did they build a lingam on top of a pyramid.”


“I have gone to many temples. There are certain rules for not documenting, so I can’t talk about it because I can’t produce proof. There is much-hidden truth in the temple, but I also have to research.”


Existence Of A Superior Race

“We always think we are the superior race. But there might have been some smarter race that created things better. In Mahabharat, there is a mention of nuclear weapons, and we can’t reject thoughts. Today we have technologies like Alexa that seemed impossible twenty years ago.”

Are Temples Scary?

“I have faced fear multiple times in temples. I visited a temple in Sri Lanka. I had to leave that day, so I visited it around six. It was a little scary. I heard a growl in the temple from a chamber, and only I heard it. It was a small temple.

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