How Sanskrit Unlocks Your Spiritual Growth

Udaya Shreyas is a Sanskrit guru. Before he became a professional YouTuber, he worked at Google. Although he had the comforts of financial security, he wanted to search for a more fulfilling life which led him to his passion for Sanskrit. He then went on to share his content through The Sanskrit Channel. This Channel Explores Ancient Indian Treasures of Sanskrit Literature. Channel Link:…

We have done a massive number of podcasts on Hinduism and history, but we haven’t had a conversation about Sanskrit. 

In this one, we spoke about everything from Indian history to the power of mantras.


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“A large chuck of Indian languages derive their vocabulary from Sanskrit. Sanskrit is not a language you need to start from scratch. It is something you know. “


Power Of Sanskrit

“It gives me an enormous amount of joy learning about Sanskrit. When you see, most of the shlokas are conversations. People say Sanskrit is rigid, but it provides words for other languages. It is a spiritually rooted language. Words have a lot of power. The words of Sanskrit give full fledge exercise to your vocal cavities. You can lose yourself in the study of the alphabet, and the vast scriptures.”


“Sanskrit is one language that has developed such a vocabulary to answer deep questions like what is the purpose of life with different scriptures. Kalidas has captured the relationship between sound and its essence, saying that they are like Shiva and Shakti. Sanskrit captures the essence to the core.”


Power Of Intuition

“Sages from the past had an impossible level of understanding of every field of study. They just knew it intuitively. Developing that level of intuition is a process. But when you see something new, you should be open to learning it.”


“If you want to work towards something, you need to bring discipline in life. There are different commandments like no stealing, telling the truth, etc which you need to follow. Imposing internal discipline takes more energy. But all these practices help you develop intuitive powers. You need to close your eyes and look inside for knowledge. Knowledge exists in creation.”



 “Every sound of Sanskrit is a mantra. A mantra is a sound that holds a certain power. There are 50 sounds in our bodies. It is very important to utter the sound of Sanskrit properly because a slight change can change the meaning. Mantras are extremely potent sounds. All the sounds of Sanskrit are said to originate from his dumru. Some say all the sounds of Sanskrit are from the skulls are Maa Kali’s neck. Some say that all the sounds are the bells around the waistband of Goddess Lalita. Some say it is the sound of the body parts of Goddess Sati that fell on Earth.”


“There are six limbs to the study of Vedas. Shikhas, Chandas, Vykarna, Kalpa, Jyotisha and Nirukta.You need to have a holistic perspective on all these fields of study. Shikha is all about sound and its origin. Chandas is how syllables can be arranged in a flow. Vykarna is about the combination of words. It is Grammer. Nirukta means what is felt and perceived. Kalpa is about the chants, mantra, and how you conduct a ritual. Jyotisha is studying Jyoti. It is a complex field of study.”


“All the chants and mantras have power, but one mantra that is the most powerful is the Aum chant. It is the sound of the universe.”


Power Of Gayatri Mantra

“Gayatri Mantra is accessing the highest source of energy in our life. The good time to chant is during sunrise or sunset. It is to seek a specific deity.”


Power Of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

“Mrityunjaya is to gain mastery over death. There are many way death happens. You might have an accident, or maybe because of old age, your body starts withering away. Chanting Maha Mriyunjaya mantra is worshiping one form of Shiva where he is bathing in the nectar. The seeking is to liberate oneself from death. It means you are worshiping the 3-eyed one, who is fragrant and the one with immense strength. I worship him, so I am released of this bondage of death as a gourd separates from its creeper. This mantra will help you break from the suffering during death.”


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