Hack Your Happiness – Top Psychologist On Therapy & Mental Health, Havovi H.

Since 2020, the world has seen the most challenging phase in terms of mental health issues. People took years to build and did a lot of hard work to reach where they were; many had to endure tough times. We have all tried to overcome our mental health issues during this period and fought internal battles.


Havovi Hyderabadwalla is one of Mumbai\’s top & reputed psychologists. Havovi Hyderabadwalla is a Forensic Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist. With an experience of almost a decade, she is also the co-founder of Mind Mandala. 

This one will help you understand your mind. It is our first psychology special. We have spoken about therapy in this blog.


The truth about life is it is never going to be smooth. You will always face some kind of difficulty in your life.


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Men’s Mental Health

“Usually, men are taught to be strong. It is an important thing to talk about men’s mental health. If being calculative is not working, you shift your focus to the feeling part. If there is a lot of friction in your life, then you know something is not working. To get to this point, you need to be open to it.”


Difficulties in Relationships?

“It happens when you come from a space where your parental figure, like people older than you, don’t believe in friendships because they are scared of getting hurt. They are of the ideology that you are born alone and die alone. If you grow with a mindset of me first, it is difficult to be in a two-way relationship.”


Stigma About Therapy

“The stigma still stands about therapy. It has changed a little as youth come in and are ready to get help. But people around their 40s are still not open. They are solidly wired, and they believe it can’t change. Change requires movement. You need to take action after the session.”


“I would suggest people go to therapy. It helps you get an external perspective. You might take time to find the right therapist. Everyone has a different way of practicing. You need to see what fits you the best. And if it works on the first session, it doesn’t mean it will work forever. We can’t read minds. We can go wrong at times. But you can openly point out that we might be wrong.”

“At times, we might poke you in certain pain points, but it is for you to work on and not insult or upset you. You need to find out what about that upset you. But you can move on to a different person if you feel.”

Life in 20s VS 30s

“The 20s is all about love. In your 30s, you want peace. When people come in their 30s people, they need peace, and they accept the mistakes they made. There is no hard and fast rule that only in your 20s do you want to love and succeed. It happens in the 30s or 40s as well. The 30s is usually a little intense issue.”

“With age, you get rigid with your thoughts. That is why parents tell you to marry in the late 20s.”


Freud’s Principle

“Freud talks about the id, ego, and superego. The id is the formative years. It is based on the pleasure principle. Superego is how you function in society. It is the adult version of you. The ego is you and about the self. It is one of the many things Freud said. He even has the tip of the iceberg theory.”


Benefits of Therapy

“Everyone needs therapy. It is not scary. Good therapy will help you make a difference in life. It is a team. I will work with you. We can figure out things that are unhealthy and find out why we are attached to them. We don’t give shock therapy.”

“There are some people genuinely crying for help. You need to visit a therapist to know the severity of the situation.”


Does Meditation Help?

“The is a school of psycho-spiritual people, and there are people with an extremely scientific approach. I am somewhere in between. I would say do what works for you. Meditation will help you find the resistance, but how to go about it would be with the help of a psychologist. Meditation and grounding help a lot.”


Feeling Burnout?

“Boundaries are important, may it be personal or professional life. Your body needs to rest. When you burn out, you won’t be as productive. You might be breaking down, unhealthy eating, and self-care goes low. As young as a college kid can have burnout because of the demand for perfection.”


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