The Death Of Aurangzeb & The Maratha Rise – Medha Bhaskaran

Medha Bhaskaran, from the year 2000 onwards, started studying Mughal Maratha history as she felt passionate about it. More than a hundred books were referred to, forts visited, and discussions with historians, weapon experts and other people involved in the subjects continued. She is the author of Shivaji\’s bestselling biography, Challenging Destiny.


Medha mam has given us a blockbuster trilogy in recent times. This one is the sequel to that. 

Cruelty Of Akbar, The Rise Of Aurangzeb and Invasion Of India By The Mughals

From Shivrai’s Birth to Expanding the Maratha Empire

Shaista Khan Entering Pune to Shivaji Maharaj’s Growth of Swaraj

In this, we spoke about the life and time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 


Shivrai’s Escape

“In the textbook, history is written in a dry manner. There is no reasoning given or what people felt.”

“After Shivrai’s escape, Aurgangazed sent thousands of horsemen in all directions to capture a group traveling with a nine-year-old body. But as we all know, Shivrai left his son back at Mathura. Many were captured and sent to Agra for verification.”

“When Shivrai reached Rajgad, he declared Shambu Raje was dead. So, Aurangzeb won’t look for Shambu Raje.”


“Aurangzeb ill-treated his children. He had three wives, and With a Hindu queen, he had two children his second wife was a Persian, and he had two boys and two girls, and with his third wife, he had one child. The eldest son of Aurangzeb, in the war of succession, helped his uncle. And he was put into jail by Aurangzeb.”


Cruelty Of Mughals

“Indians were powerful but not united, and this is the reason Mughals could rule us. But the Mughals had a lot of cruel policies. Hindus couldn’t ride a horse or sit on an elephant. They were supposed to pay heavy taxes. If they failed to pay, the Mansabdars were free to take their wife and kids and sell them for salve trade. Schools were shut down, and they were humiliated.”


Shivrai’s Coronation

“Shivrai started building sea forts and shipbuilding activities. He had taken over the Mughal forts. It was time for him to show that he had arrived. He wasn’t a king till then. So, he planned his coronation. He shifted from Rajgad to Raigad. He wanted to make it grand, and no king had coronated himself. They had to invent the rituals and mantras for this coronation. The coronation ceremony is written by Hendry Oxenden. He was a British officer, and he was invited there.”


“When the coronation ceremony happened, Aurangzeb was hurt. He started destroying the temples. Shivrai knew if Aurangzeb descends to South India, his people would die, and the life would be worth committing suicide.”


“Shivrai fell sick, and everyone was called. There are many things written about that conversation. Shivrai passes away, and no one till now knows the reason for his death. According to the research, one of Shivrai’s wives orders all the gates to be closed. So that the news of Shivrai’s death doesn’t go out. Soyara Rani wanted her son to be the king.”


“But all the subjects want Sambhuraje to be the king, and how he becomes the king is a different study.”


Aurangzeb’s Death

“Aurangzeb died a broken death in Deccan. He was in thrilling wars. He lived for around ninety years. He came to Deccan in 81 or 82. He stayed for 27 years in the Sothern part of India, trying to take over the Maratha empire.”

“Aurangzeb was disheartened. Rani Tarabai, the daughter-in-law of Shivrai, made sure that Aurangzeb didn’t get any fort. She was the one who made the Mughals run for their money.”


“Aurangzeb died old in a Mughal camp. People made fun of him behind his back. He had a pathetic death. He died in guilt. His sons started the battle for succession when he was on his deathbed. Shah Alam Mu’azzam won it.”



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