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Sarbajeet Mohanty is a paranormal investigator and demonologist. He researches the existence of ghosts and spirits and investigates paranormal activities by visiting different places. He also travels to places containing myths and figures out whether these stories have any truth.

Topics like this fascinate me, and if you are reading this, I am sure you would also be interested in this.”


In this, we have discussed the paranormal investigation, his scariest experience, and how meditation could make a difference.


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Paranormal Investigator

“When people hear the word paranormal investigator, the first thing that comes to mind is Ghost Buster. It is a whole different profession. A paranormal investigator comes in when a place seems to be haunted, and there is no scientific explanation, then we start investigating. It is different from Ghost hunting.”


“When we get a case of the haunted house, we first debunk it. We try to figure out if the house is on a hot emf hotspot or has carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide leakage because all these things will make you hallucinate. Our actual job starts after we have debunked this.”


Scariest Incident

“There are many scary incidents. I am happy that I can help so many people. One case we got in Odisa. I got a call from an old lady who might be in her 60-the 70s. She had only grandsons. She was panicking when she called me. They lived on the ground floor, and the upper floor had been abandoned for 30 years. One of her grandchildren saw my video.”


“He took an iPad and went to record. While recording, he heard the giggling of some child, and he started running. He felt someone was following him. When he turned, he saw a figure and felt someone pushing him, and he tumbled down the stair and fell. For this reason, the old lady called me.”


“When we visited, we could feel something. I saw four photos with garlands on them. I got to know those pictures were of the sons and their wives. They had a sudden death. In later conversations, I found people living around the place saw a lady every day in a red sari walking into the building, jumping off from the terrace, and they could never find the body. Then she said there were incidents where the glass of their windows would get hit by stones. When they went searching outside, they did not find anyone or see any stones around. The lady said, please help me, I have lost my kids, but I don’t want to lose my grandchildren.”


Approaching A Haunted Site

“Our first approach is to get a psychic reading about the place. I sent the picture to my psychic when we went with the crew. I don’t share information about the place with her because that could affect the reading. She took 5-10 mins and called me with a warning. She said she felt a feeling someone choking her, and she felt like there was a lady who was there. That lady was abused. They were a rope around her neck, and she was dragged with the rope. My psychic was like there is a tree somewhere around. The body was dragged over there. So you need to check for that tree. She said the spirit is agitated.”


“I asked the old lady about the tree, and she said yes, there is a tree, and that is where the spirit of that lady comes and goes to the terrace. I sent that image to my psychic. She said it was the same tree.”


“The only reason we investigate at night is that it is quiet. We went in by 6 P.M. We went in for a pheranomal lockdown. We lock ourselves inside the room or the house. One of the crew members has the key who is outside.”


“When we entered, there was no electricity. While we entered, we saw a stone kept on the slab. We went to the first bedroom, and while entering, I turned and saw a teddy bear lying. We entered, and with the EMF tracker, we tried to get the reading. We try to communicate with the spirits. At times, we have to wait for 3-4 hours to get a reply.”


“We need to be calm for them to answer. They have been stuck for so long that they know they can trust you. I was trying to communicate with the spirit. I kept looking for ways the spirit would respond. When I picked the teddy bear and asked, is this yours? That is when I received a reply by blinking of lights. I was trying to communicate for 45 mins. So I had to trigger the spirit to get a reply. So I said if you don’t come and communicate with me, I will take this doll with me. A crew guy behind me kept saying he was feeling chokey. And they didn’t know about the psychic reading my psychic gave me at the start.”


“I threw the doll into a corner to trigger the spirit. We left the doll and entered another room. We could hear someone running on the terrace. I sent one of my crew guys to check. And we realized it was the spirit. Then we continued the investigation in the house.”


“One of the crew members went towards the kitchen and started screaming. We went to see him, his legs were bent, and he said someone was pulling him. At first, I didn’t believe it, but then we saw fingerprints on his leg.”


“The stone slab we saw at the start was now on the ground. No one could get it down. There was some or the other thing going on in all the rooms except the room where I threw the doll.”


“We went into that room and started asking questions to the spirit. And the spirit was replying with yes and no. It did tell that she was stuck there. It knew the spirit had to leave. One of our crew members said he saw someone coming out of the cupboard. We didn’t believe that time, but later in the night vision camera, we did see it.”


“I knew I had to be pervasive to send the spirit out. I asked the most triggering question, do you know you are dead? And then there was no reply and complete silence. Then we went to all the rooms to check, and the doll was also missing.”


“A few days later, I called the lady to check, and she was happy that everything was fine and they were happy.”



“We carry the emotions with us when we come back from a haunted site. But we never carry the spirit or the entity because of the meditation. We practice breathing meditation. I do visualization meditation. We even keep our body clean because if our body is down then we can’t investigate a place as it makes the person vulnerable.”

Sarbajeet Mohanty was one of the knowledgeable guests in this domain. We had many requests for him. 


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