6th Sense, Protection & More – Shiva Shakti Special – Dr. Nilima Chitgopekar

Dr. Nilima Chitgopekar is an academic, mythologist, author, and one of the most learned people I have had the honor of meeting. She is an associate professor in the department of History at a college in Delhi, a writer, and a published poet. She has also been involved in making online films on gods and goddesses that have sold worldwide. In this episode, we discuss how to make complex aspects of Hinduism more accessible, the divine feminine and divine masculine, and so much more. This is an incredibly deep and philosophical piece on shiva and shakti. We discuss the true representation of Lingam, devi energy, 6th sense, protection & more. Enjoy this blog.


Lord Shiva

“I just love everything about Shiva. You can’t love Shiva without getting close to Shakti. I love everything about Shiva. The female entities also come with Shiva are powerful, and only lord Shiva could handle that energy.”

“When Shiva is mentioned in the Rig Veda, he is called Rudra. He has dark qualities. People worship him because they are scared. They don’t love him or admire him. After years he becomes Shiva and got married. Shiva evolved, and that is the beauty of it.”


Shiv Ling

“The linga was worshipped in many countries. It is remarkable that in India, we still worship it. Most people don’t associate the Shiv linga with the male sex organ. It doesn’t look like fellas now. But we do have an exact representation of it in a place in Andra Pradesh, and it dates back to the second century B.C. It may have started like that.”


About Possession 

“Psychology says it\’s something to do with psychology, and it is not deity. But there are possessions in India and many other parts of the world. People heal at times after visiting such places. It is an effect of things like the incense, the drums, and the chanting. All the senses are alive because of it. All this makes you feel psychologically uplifted. All I would say is you have to experience it.”


Reading Mind

“Sometimes I could read people’s minds. I was going to London, and I was like, what if there would be a bombing? It was around 2005. My husband was like you have been there before as well. Why are you having these thoughts? I went and gave a lecture, but I was feeling uneasy, so I spoke to the higher authorities, I want to go back, and the bombing did happen there. I love being in Europe and London, so everyone was shocked.”


About Her Childhood

“I had no background in religion. Part of my childhood was in America, and my parents aren’t religious. When I was 11, I stumbled into a cave in Dehradun. We went for a picnic, and I don’t know what led me there. I saw the pooja happening of the Shiva Linga, and I just felt powerful. I was not accompanied by any of my family members, but I just felt safe. When I was giving an exam, my uncle asked me anything, and all I said was to take me there. He didn’t come inside because of his knee issues. I went down and prayed to Lord Shiva.”

“When I was doing my Ph.D., I was asked what I wanted to work on in the History department. But in those times, the department wasn’t thrilled, so I had to give it a historical background. But I got more excited as I started reading it.”


“In one of the late stages of Tantra, there is something known as the Panchamakara. It includes meat, liquor, fish, sexual intercourse, and mudra. It can mean a hand gesture or can also mean a dry substance that can be hallucinating substance. If you want to be tantric, you have to ingest these things.” 

“What I love about the goddess is they show all phases of a woman. She can be old, or she can be beautiful or married, or unmarried. Every stage of a woman’s life is represented by the goddess.”


Animal Sacrifices

“There is a sacrifice that happens in Khamakya Devi Temple. You have to respect the culture of each region. There are steps where you can sit. They believe that if they watch the sacrifice, they won’t fall ill till a year.”


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  3. Dr. Nilima Chitgopekar’s BeerBiceps video titled ‘6th Sense, Protection & More – Shiva Shakti Special’ is a fascinating insight into the power of these two divine forces. Through her insightful analysis, she delves into the spiritual significance of Shiva and Shakti, highlighting not only their individual powers but also their combined strength. As she discusses various aspects of their divine essence, it becomes clear how we can tap into their energy to protect ourselves and enhance our lives. Overall, this video offers valuable wisdom and is well worth a watch.

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