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Dr. Ramiyar P. Karanjia is an M.A., Ph. D. in Avesta-Pahlavi from St. Xavier’s College, University of Mumbai, and is presently serving as the Principal of Dadar Athornan Institute. Also, he is an independent researcher in history and ancient Iranian languages. We are sure that all the regular listeners of TRS would\’ve enjoyed this very rich and deep conversation with Dr. Ramiyar. This year, we have planned to cover all the world religions, along with Hinduism, I feel it is important for all of us to understand other perspectives as well. Hoping for all the support on our inter-religious series of TRS.

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About Zoroastrian

“Zorastrian is internationally recognized as the world’s oldest religion. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have taken a lot from Zorastriain. And yes, there is mention of angels and demons. The definition of Zorastrian is good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. God and ethics are blended very well.”


“During the Indo-Aryan times, three types of people were staying towards the north pole. There were Indians, Iranians, and Europeans. They were living together happily. If you see, Indians and Zoroastrians have been together for more than twelve thousand years.”

“To understand religion, you should know the history because they are always connected. Our ancient Iranian history has been divided into five dynasties. The first one is about the lawgiver. It is about the time when mankind was hunters and gathers. In our epic- Shahnameh, it is believed that there was a mortal man who suggested these people start agriculture and settle down. This man even got a message from the divine being saying that there is only one god in the world.”

The Great Deluge

“The great deluge is mentioned in all civilizations and religions. So why would it be mentioned if it didn’t happen? It is true. The stories are connected with the comet hitting.”

“The first king in the civilization was like a prophet who said there was one god. Then there were several other kings. The fourth king, King Jamshed bought in a golden era in ancient Iran. It was during his reign the great deluge happened, and the divine being brought him a message of the great deluge. The king was told to save his people. He built apocalyptic bunkers, which are found by archeologists.”

“Everyone migrated because of the increase in the cold. After Jamshed, the king that came was from Bhavra. The place is Babylon of the current day. Perhaps that king attacked Iraq. We have a reference saying that later dynasties reached Hindustan also.”


“Homa is similar to soma. It is said to be, life-giving, healthy and helps you keep away death. There is a belief that there is a divine being preceding the plant. Even today, dried twigs of this plant are used in rituals for the fire temple. It is not intoxicating in any way. When a person enters the priesthood, you are supposed to consume it. The quality is small, and nothing seems to change.”

Birth Of Zarathustra

“In the reign of the fifth king, Prophet Zarathustra was sent to the Earth. He was sent by the divine because the divine realized a strong spiritual person is required. Mother earth believed that only a king could help, but god convinced that a prince or king can help for some part of the time.”

“The prophet was the only child who was smiling at birth. There were countless miracles around him. Many demonic forces were attacking him, but he was always protected by the divine. At his revelations, he got the answers to why there was so much evil in the world. He always questioned this as a young child. When he was eighteen, he was meditation and realized he could only get his answers from Awuramazeda. In Zoroastrian, it is believed that you get answers when you ask questions. Only meditation helps you to find answers.”

“According to Zoroastrian philosophy, evil, and negativity is parasitic. Darkness doesn’t have an existence of its own. Demonic things take possession of you when your defenses are down. Mantra, positivity, and goodness will keep the evil away.”

“Right from the start, you need to accept the demonic forces, but always remember your spiritual practices are strong enough to fight this.”


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