Real Life experience of Special Forces Veteran

In this very special episode of AJIO Presents The Ranveer Show, we have with us Major Vivek Jacob, a respected special forces veteran. The conversation delves into his military experiences and perspectives, as well as his personal journey.

Major Jacob discusses letting go of concepts that bind people and adopting a blissful and heavenly approach to life. He also attributes his personality to his experiences on the battlefield.He is one of the most disciplined and resilient men I’ve ever had the fortune to meet.Major Vivek Jacob, a special forces Veteran, founder ofC.L.A.W & Operation Blue Freedom. He trains a team of people with disabilities under ‘Operation Blue Freedom’ Mountaineering, Sky Diving, and Scuba Diving

The armed forces’ niche began with Maj Vivek Jacob. When it comes to the military perspective, I believe the special forces of India have lived a different life.

Letting Go

“I am in the phase of letting go of things. Letting go of the concept and what reality is. Concepts are what binds us, and you struggle with those bindings. Whatever I am is a culmination of my birth to now. It is the combination of the information that you are caring for in your DNA and experiences in your childhood and the professional life you choose.”

His Experiences

“In special forces, there are different operations. Every operation and task has different parameters. You have previous training, equipment, and certain experience, and all of them come together when you are on a mission.”

Why did he leave?

“In all the missions that we go for, we attempt to come out safe. After decades of being in the force, I just started feeling uncomfortable. I instinctively wanted to get out, and that feeling just grew. The discomfort became anxiety. I couldn’t find a logical reason to leave. So I started thinking that I was becoming lazy and wanted comfort. I was analyzing it.”

“The only thing I could think of was it could be because of the comfort outside. So I decided to continue because that could not be the reason for me to leave. And sometime later, there was an explosion, and one of my teammates lost his leg. It was chaotic. When someone dies, there are options, but if the guy is alive and is about to depend on your decision. And at that point, I was in the realm of chaos. You don’t know when he might die, and getting back is a long affair. That was one of the most challenging experiences.”

Worst Experience Ever

“When you are in an operation, everyone seems like an enemy, and at that moment everything happens suddenly. There can be a moment of silence, and the very next, there could be chaos. So in one such situation, a young man was in head-on contact. The bullet hit the bulletproof helmet, and a mental piece collapsed and cracked his skull. That impact leads to his eye popping out, yet he shot the enemy. Then we took him to the hospital, but for months he had lost his memory. He had forgotten who he was and what he was doing.”

“Ultimately, everything is spiritual. Whatever goes on in life is what makes life. Every time there is a 50% chance when we go on a mission. You don’t live in duality. But all experiences happen in duality. In a combat situation, there is only one now.”

“I started realizing this over a while. When you are going for a battle, you need to let go of everything. When you go into that space, you become aware. For some people, it would not happen, but for some, the sixth sense opens up. I could say that something would happen like 5-6 hours before.”


“In my opinion, Karma exists for those whose neural network is formed like that. It is real, but for people who have zoomed away from it, for them karma is an illusion. In a combat situation, for some, I would be the hero, and for others, I would be the villain. So karma is a perception.”

Animal Attack

“We operate mostly in the dark. My buddy and I were doing our job once and we were waiting. I was sitting and had my night vision goggles hanging around my neck and my weapon was on my lap. My buddy was asleep.”

“Suddenly I heard a noise from 2 ft away. I switched on my night vision goggles and I turned and I saw a leopard sitting next to me. He was also looking where I was looking for an hour. I switched the direction of my weapon to be ready if it attacks. It sat beside me for the next 5-10 mins and it left.”

Living in Siachen

“Siachen is the most difficult place to survive. Everything becomes cold. Water is frozen. If skin is bare, you will feel a burning sensation and you will feel numb. But difficult or not difficult is in your head.”

Near Death Experience

“Death happens instantaneously in combat situations. There is no getting out of such situations. I have had a near death experience. I saw my entire life in a splash. There is no emotion or no judgment. It is an emotionless observation of life.”

“When you are at the cut edge of life and death, you can be on either side. But consciousness never dies. But after that splash, he chose not to shoot and I was safe.”

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