Advocate J Sai Deepak Opens Up On CAA, Modi; India’s Democracy

We have one of the most requested guests on the show, Advocate J Sai Deepak. It was a true honor for me to have such an enriching conversation with him – undoubtedly the most knowledgeable person I’ve met and the one I truly respect. In this episode, our guest J Sai Deepak, a practicing advocate, emphasizes the importance of evaluating governments based on their policies rather than being labeled as pro or anti a particular community. He highlights the issue of sexual and religious grooming within both the Hindu and Christian communities, citing the statement of a retired police officer. He also practices as an arguing counsel for the Supreme Court and stresses the significance of demographic balance and the impact of policy decisions on refugees.

Understanding Law

“I am a practicing advocate. I am a commercial litigator. So about 85% of my work revolves around intellectual property law, competition law, direct taxation, and corporate litigation. It can be called the forensic aspects of commercial litigation.”

“Rest 15% is constitutional law and international law. Constitutional law is about human rights, public interest, government, etc. Commercial litigation is all about documents, facts, and contracts. The constitutional world is slightly activist, which means it is about the people. In the commercial, you talk about money, reputation, and company cooperation.”

Haterade Towards Modiji

“A lot of people hate me for what I say. They hate what I stand for. That applies to Modiji at some level. According to people, he represents politically Hindutva. I feel they are not Hindu enough. The question to ask here is what he has done for the Hindus for you to say so, and what has he done against Muslims? No one will ever ask these questions. Empty opinions are formed because of angst. Media has to work hard to research the data and ask the right questions, and they don’t do this.”


“CAA has a historical context. Previously for a refugee from Bangladesh or Pakistan to get Indian citizenship, they had criteria to fulfill. They had to live for 11 years here before applying for this. Now the period is reduced. We were clear we don’t need to extend the benefit of the doubt to Indian Muslims. But Pakistani or Bangladeshi Muslims asked for a different state, and now they are struggling, So they want to come to India now. But is there a guarantee they won’t create the same trouble again?”

“The rules are not released yet. I don’t know the level of preparation, and the country is discussing the issue the government hasn’t implemented yet. I am not a part of singing praise. I believe in giving credit where it’s due but also pointing out the mistakes when necessary.”

Left VS Right Wing

“Anyone who is going good for themselves wants to be trouble-free. Peace makes it possible. Media is a part of it, and I blame the left for this. The left never celebrates Dr. Kalam or Shri K.K. Mohammad. I always say this removes the left from the conversation between Hindus and Muslims, and the conversation would be much more honest. The left feeds victimization.”

“I would say there is data where sexual grooming happens. Recently a cop also said that he saw a rate card circulated with the price of a particular girl in Kerala. The safety of Bharat is in preserving it and accommodating character, and it will only happen if Hindus are in the majority. It is a game of population and numbers.”

If He Becomes A PM

“I will revisit the constitution from an Indian perspective and remove unnecessary laws. I would like to also inculcate discipline in the youth and mainstream some parts of services in the armed force. Revisit our education system. The last one would be free temples from state control.”

Future Of India

“I don’t think it would be a party-based election. It would be presidential elections. Secondly, we would be using more public transport. Thirdly we would have a serious environmental crisis because of all the infrastructure we are working on. The left will not be cool anymore. Fifth, brain drain will reduce, and Indians will start coming to India.”

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