History And Unknown Facts about Southern India

Keerthika Govindhasamy is known for her YouTube channel, which is pretty straightforward. She revisits wrongly taught sessions about History.

We spoke about all things in Tamil culture, from films, to different perspectives. Tamil Nadu’s history, culture, and politics were the key highlights of this beautiful podcast. Tamil Nadu is a culturally rich region that has remained connected to its ancient history. The state is home to many revolutionary figures and political parties that have pushed for independence.

This conversation is more about the history and present-day of Tamil Nadu and its cultural aspect.

About Her

“I wanted to become an archaeologist, and in Tamil Nadu there is no course related to it. My parents didn’t want me to go away from Tamil Nadu. So I had to choose History. It was more than what we were taught in school, but it wasn’t that deep. I won’t say studying History as a graduation subject is helpful.”

“I got a seat in Medical, but I refused it and chose History as my career, but I have been taught nothing but bullshit. I realized in my last year that what was being taught was not history.”

Dravidian Movement

History is written in the favor of people who are in power. That pisses me off, and maybe that’s why I started to know more about this. We look at independence the way we are taught about it.”

“ In the 1960s,the Tamilians wanted a different nation when the Dravidian movement started.”

“The South is believed to be a Dravidian region. Other states of the South don’t talk about it much. But in Tamil Nadu, it is still there because political parties are named after it. They also know that it is not a movement alive right now. In the late 1960s, there was an act passed that if any party spoke against the nation with the motive of separation, the party would be banned. So the political parties stopped asking for it.”

Tamilian People

“We are very much emotional people. We are emotional towards everything. We don’t say we speak Tamil. We say we breathe Tamil. We are emotionally attached to everything. And the hate towards North Indians is a political thing. I have seen people not treating North Indians well in Tamil Nadu. I feel bad about that. It is an idea built in the minds of people.”

Importance of Native Languages

The language is the basis of a culture. When you don’t communicate in the language every day, then definitely the language will die. The last time I came to Mumbai, even that time, no one spoke in Marathi, and that hurts me. Hindi has the power to take over the language. Every ten years, one language is dying. I can’t imagine a day Tamil is dead. Before social media, I used to be mad when politicians spoke about Hindi. If I have an option, I will choose Hindi but don’t impose it on me.”

Politics In Tamil Nadu

“We don’t go behind the political party, but we are usually behind people. We need leaders. You can’t be diplomatic over there. And you are hooked to the political news because something is always happening.”

False Propaganda Against Sadhguru

“I did the Isha course. When I went, I saw Sadhguru’s photo, and I didn’t want to stay. But I stayed, and after 3-4 days, I liked it. I have even volunteered there, and I know they are ethical people. They do follow the laws of the nation. The common people hate Sadhguru. Most people do look down on people like him. The news media propagates false narrative.”

Stardom In South

“In Tamil Nadu, Kamal Hassan is super talented, but Rajinikanth is someone who can give everything in a package, and his movies are super hits. Kamal Hassan’s movies are quality movies, but Rajinikanth knows the pulse of the audience. We are attached to the movies. The film industry there is controlled by politicians because we are attached to movies.

Difference Between SouTHERN States

“There is a lot of difference between all the South Indian states. All the cultures have a lot of differences in their culture and rituals. Mentality wise it is almost the same. We all consider education very important.”

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  1. I think choosing history is good and she did best in it,and sir, ranveer Allahbadia you are doing great inviting guest from the different fields and spreading education, all over the world, whenever we say about culture, tradition in India the first thought came into my mind is sanskriti and the southern part of the india well i thank you for every podcasts you published on YouTube thanks for making those podcasts keep moving further best wishes for you and your entire team, who is working very hard behind the camera good luck to you all😃👏🏻

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