Haunting Myths, Witchcraft & Demons

Sarbajeet Mohanty is a paranormal investigator and demonologist. He researches the existence of ghosts and spirits and investigates paranormal activities by visiting different places. He also travels to places containing myths and figures out whether these stories have any truth.

In this conversation, Sarbajeet Mohanty shares his belief that crystals are neutral until they are given negative energy by a person. He dismisses the notion that crystals can be portals to hell or negativity, stating that a crystal shop can have a lot of crystals and not get haunted because the crystals are programmed to emit positivity. The video also delves into the rise of witchcraft and Wicca as a spiritual practice.

This is one of the most intense conversations that I had with Sarbajeet.

Why Is He Doing What He Is Doing? 

“I think it is time that people need to know this. We don’t go to such dark places for fun or thrill. Our only mission for the last ten years has been to spread knowledge and help people know what the real deal is. Until we know what darkness is, we can’t go toward the light.”

About Crystals

“The crystals come from the core of the Earth. We have been worshipping Earth in some form or the other. It goes through intense situations and is still safe. And Earth is considered to be a mother and a mother will never give you something negative. It depends on how the person is using it to channel its energy. We put energy into it.”

“Crystals that are supposed to come to you will come to you. Crystals do speak. It was destined to find you. We have been dealing with crystals for almost five years. It has a lot of energy but won’t negatively affect you. Crystals will always keep entities away, but they will attract things based on your energy.”

Salem Witch Trials

The Salem witch trial is one of the most gruesome phases in the US and Europe’s history. It started in Salem and became a global phenomenon. Women practicing witchcraft were killed because they thought these women were blessed by the devil. A witch can heal someone, use the five elements for a good purpose, or help someone. Because of the Salem witch trials, witches got a bad image.”

Dark Magic

“People use the energy that crystals possess negatively, and people use it for black magic. But certain crystals can’t be used for such black magic because they might harm the person using them. When your intentions are good, it is white magic. Magic is intention. When you are intending a bad thing and coupled with the mantra, harm can be done.”

“People do dark magic for selfish reasons. We have seen people try weird ways to harm others to achieve something. But we have also noticed that it always has repercussions. The universe always knows how to balance things. Similarly, when you are blessing someone, you will receive more. There are even laws against black magic.”

Power Of Mantra And Faith

“Whatever we see in the movie is not true. I don’t know what demons would look like. I don’t chat with Hanuman Chalisa, but I know it will work. Mantras have power because of the way they are chanted and the frequency that they hold. And with a little bit of faith, it becomes more powerful against anything.”

“For us, we are also trying to help the spirits. We want the answers.  So we have a communication and healing process, and then chant prayers.”

Does Satan Exist?

“There are cases of people having a deal with the devil. There is a case from Mississippi where a guitarist wanted success and went to a crossroads. He dug and put a box filled with letters saying he wanted money and fame. He closed the box and filled up the area. He chanted and followed some satanic procedure. Within two days he became famous etc. But it is said he had a gruesome death. He had organ failure suddenly. It is said that the devil will always come for its due.”

“In situations like this, you are giving control to someone else. If someone else is controlling your life, someday the devil will get bored, and you will face repercussions.”

“There can be people who take such an approach, but there could be positivity. People could work hard behind the camera, and they might achieve success.”


“I think Illuminati exist. We can call them all the names we want. I was young when I started experiencing and studying ghosts. So I am open to the idea of the Illuminati controlling the elite. I haven’t met any of the famous personalities, so they might have worked hard and achieved that success. And if they have taken some shortcut, as I said before, there would be repercussions. I believe in Karma, and the truth will always come out.”

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