Understanding Eastern Astrology with Rajarshi Nandy

Table of Contents We just wrapped up an enlightening session with Rajarshi Nandy, diving deep into the mystical world of Eastern astrology, specifically Jyotish. This episode is packed with wisdom, from karma to gemstones, zodiac signs, Kundalis, and even the journey after taking Monkhood. Let’s break it down: Jyotish 101 We kicked off the episode …

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Haunting Myths, Witchcraft & Demons

Sarbajeet Mohanty is a paranormal investigator and demonologist. He researches the existence of ghosts and spirits and investigates paranormal activities by visiting different places. He also travels to places containing myths and figures out whether these stories have any truth. In this conversation, Sarbajeet Mohanty shares his belief that crystals are neutral until they are …

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