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Om Dhumatkar is my dear friend . He is an absolute polymath, a scholar of ancient history, and truly one of the most knowledgeable persons to have ever met. It was truly a stellar experience to gain an hour of pure knowledge from this man. He is one of the most successful bankers in the U.K. He has seen insane amounts of material success, which began from humble beginnings, back in Mumbai, India to whatever amounts of success he has been blessed with.

My late 20s are about understanding Indian culture, gaining deeper knowledge about tantra, and learning more about Indian gods. And Om Dhumatakr is one of the few knowledgeable people to have this conversation.


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Hinduism- A Religion?

“It is a religion. But Hinduism can’t be understood from a western perspective. Hinduism will describe itself as Dharma. It is not about a single book, a teacher, or the goal of going to heaven. It is more about here and now. Some would feel more connected to the female deity, and some would connect with the male deity. Every person approaches religion based on what their proclivities are.”

What Is Energy?

“Energy is the reality of life. Atoms, protons, and neutrons are in energetic form. Energy manifests in everything we see.”


Black Hole

“The creation comes from Purush and Prakriti merging. Time is the governing factor. The whole universe is moving forward inevitably in time, but we don’t know what we are moving towards. One of the theories is as stars explode, they will attract the debris created in the universe. It will have the form of a black hole.”

“Black hole is a rim and a dark center at the middle. From a side view, it looks like a tube. Everything is drawn toward the event horizon. When everything is pulled inside, the magnetic draw is so strong that the black hole closes and explodes. It relates very closely to the Hindu theory of creation.”

Law of Attraction

 “The law of attraction is given twice in two different contexts in Bhagwat Gita. One is linear growth, where you have a goal in mind, attract the circumstance, and hit the goal. The second one is the quantum result. Lord Krishan says as one worships me, that is how I manifest to them. In the next verse, he says whatever they want, they are calling on me alone. So lord, with his devic power of Maya, grants what you desire. People think about getting out of Maya. Maya is an illusion, but we exist in it. So the beauty of Maya is you can use it to achieve your goal. In quantum growth, you need to take away the I and my and just believe there is a higher power. You put in your efforts and stop getting in the way of your likes and dislikes.”

“ ‘I’ and ‘me’ are your ego. You will get through life, but you will stumble through it. We have the law of attraction in the Bhagwat Gita, but we have it in a much more profound sense.”

Being Attracted To Different Practises

“As our body types are different, our minds are also different. For some, tantra might be the fastest path, while for some it could be bhakti, while for some gyaan and dhyaan would be the fastest path to reach their goal.”



“To understand crystals, you need to let go of your ego that you know everything. Crystals come from the depth of the earth. Specific elements had those intense pressure from the Earth and transform into something different that we are attracted towards.”

“The crystals will enter your life at a specific time. It comes in to help you with some purpose. A true practitioner of combining these Earth elements is limited. There is a logic behind all this thing.”

Finding Your Path

“Shri Radhanath Swami in his book, the journey home, speaks about his journey of joining ISKCON. He even spent time in the Himalayas in a Shiva temple. Maa Amritananamayi Maa from Kerala started her spiritual journey with Lord Krishan and ended with Devi. So the divine will use the path and doorways to draw us. You need to truth the path.”


About Lord Kaal Bhairav

“Lord Kaal Bhairav in the name can be broken as Kaal means time and Bhairav means the terrifying aspect of Lord Shiva. Lord Kaal Bhairav’s purpose is not to destroy but to take people to their rightful destination. Lord Kaal Bhairav is beyond any of our conceptual capacity, so we should treat with respect and not discourage other people’s faith.”

It was an amazing conversation. I hope you all enjoyed reading it.

Thank you!

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