Raw Convesation With Manish Pandey- Get To Know The Work Behind The Brand \’BeerBiceps\’

We have completed 200 episodes on The Ranveer Show. In this episode, we had a conversation with Manish Pandey. 

Manish sir is my mentor. He is an important person behind the brand ‘BeerBiceps’ and ‘TRS’.


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Journey Of Podcasting

We had done a solo podcast recently on how we structured the team and that episode is like a blueprint to learn from, yet the views on that are less. This demotivates me at times.  

“The day we started with podcasting, we knew it would be more about value addition and education, and the views might not be that great. However, at the end of the day, you are satisfied after recording a mind-bending podcast and that\’s all that matters”.


Manish Sir’s View On Growth Of BeerBiceps

“BeerBiceps will continue to grow because our team is smarter than us, and they are receptive to feedback”.

I recently came across a reel that had this beautiful message. There are only 2 people you have to make proud of in your life.

  • 5 Year Version Of You
  • 80-Year-Old Version Of You


 Tech And Start-Ups

 When we started Big BrainCo., many people were like, ‘Oh, it is a YouTube channel. Why are you calling it a startup?’

“Starting a YouTube channel is a startup because the creators have a chance of being entrepreneurs one day. Stop disregarding content creators. Every media company will become a tech or a media-tech company, eventually”.

The major reasons tech companies raise funds are 1) To hire a good techie and 2) Marketing”.


Podcasting During Lockdown

I remember you called me at the start of the lockdown and started crying. You had all these questions, how will we do it? The entire world is shutting down. How will we meet people? And I said we will figure it out and advised you to reboot. You started with the fitness content and solo podcast”.

During the lockdown, I used to get up in the morning, drive to Rajas’s house, bring him to my place, set up the equipment, record the content and then drop him off in the evening before the curfew began. It was stressful to record that time. 


Hustle Culture

“Elon Musk had once tweeted about a job opening at one of his companies. I went and read the job description and it had a special mention saying, be ready to work extra and work on weekends because you are working with Elon Musk”.

“I don’t understand when people talk about hustle culture being toxic”. 

You should put yourself in minor discomfort because that is where growth happens. 


My 5 Learnings From Nas Summit


  • International creators don’t look at content creation as the base of their careers.
  • They are not view-centric.
  • They Look at India as a guiding light. We can experiment more because of the diverse population.
  • Do content creation only if you enjoy creation.


Bollywood Podcasts

We have been doing a lot of Bollywood podcasts recently. People question why weren’t you, your natural self? Why didn’t you have this conversation? But people need to realize the difficulties of recording a podcast with a Bollywood star.

  • Available only during film release.
  • The management team doesn’t let them talk about everything.
  • Time constraint.

“I also feel for the Bollywood and sportsperson. They are given around 2 days to talk to 500 people. It takes a mental toll to have conversations with so many people and talk about different topics”. 


Truth Bombs By My Team Member

Nachiket is my manager and the operation head, and he manages the team as well. So I asked him to speak some truth about me.

Nachiket- Ranveer has been busy and he will continue to be busy. But, I feel in five years people will understand. Working with Ranveer, I have learned to look at the future as he would be present, but in his head; he is planning things for the future. 


Life At BeerBiceps

Nachiket- In the BeerBiceps organization, mindset matters more than skill sets. At times, you have to compromise your social life. Keep your phone always on. I love Ranveer and the team. That\’s why I can put in more effort and I believe in the vision we are working on. 


What Keeps Me Motivated To Work

When we moved into the new house, I had this question in my mind that maybe I was losing my bite and then I meditated. The question I asked in my meditation was, what should my motivation be at this point?

I meditated for an hour and at the end of it; I saw the faces of my team members. At this point, it is to work with them. 


We have grown because of the love you have shown over the years. So, a big thank you for all your support. Hope you keep loving us and supporting us.


Thank You.


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