Kiara Advani On Evolutionary Psychology And Relationship Psychology

Kiara Advani is a successful actress and a psychology student. Many people know her from the movie M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story, but her debut movie was Fugly.


She has been part of super hit movies like Shershaah and Kabir Singh.


If you are an enthusiast of evolutionary psychology or relationship psychology, you would love this blog. I hope you enjoy reading this.


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Kiara Advani’s Personality

“I am a transparent person, as I can’t mask my feelings. I am the same person around my loved ones, my team, and the people I work with”.


Kiara’s Plan B

“I was an obedient kid. But when it came to academics, especially subjects like Science and math, it went above my head. In my 11th and 12th, I took psychology, and it was something that interested me. That was the field I excelled in, and I had topped psychology in school. My Plan B in life would have been to go for further studies abroad and worked in this field. But life had other plans, and I was passionate about acting”.


Role Of Preeti In Kabir Singh


“It was difficult for me to snap out of Preeti’s character in Kabir Singh. I remember I was shooting for Good Newz, and I had to up my energy as I was still in that Preeti zone, and I couldn’t snap out of it. That is when I had to learn the art of detachment and learned to enjoy every moment from that”.


Right And Wrong

“The right decisions of my life have been all the spontaneous decisions, listening to your intuition. It may not have been a successful decision, but I got to learn from those decisions”. 



“I believe in energy as people’s energy adds to your life. If I feel like staying away from someone, I will. If someone is feeling low, I would empathize with them about ‌what they are feeling.”


 Experience Working With Sushant


“Sushant had a curious mind. As an actor, he was very passionate. While shooting for Dhoni, he has a bunch of questions that he had asked Dhoni. According to him, the human brain sleeps for only two hours a day, so two hours of sleep is sufficient. He slept only for two hours at night, yet I never saw him looking tired on sets”. 


Dealing With Emotions

“I am an emotional person. I have my ‌healing process, and once the healing process is over, I can completely snap out of it. The problem doesn’t affect me anymore. Of course, the process is hard when you are so in touch with your emotions. However, it is good for my career”. 


Criteria For Dating

“I don’t have any criteria. For me, dating is just the way they make you feel, and it is not about the grand gestures”.

“I feel when two people are together, they should make each other feel that they are important in each other\’s life. It is important to make the other person seen, heard, and understood”. 


How To Be Better Partner

“Men and women need to be loyal, trust each other, and respect each other in a relationship. Grow together, but don’t try to ‌ change a person. No one is perfect”.


Challenge Of Dating In Today’s Day And Age


“Somehow, we ‌believe that being a girl, we have to perform certain roles and duties. We don’t realize that somewhere it is ‌deep-rooted in our DNA. With conversations like this, we can see a change, but it is shaking the expectation that a man and women have with each other”. 


In this society, men are mocked for how much money they earn, and women are mocked by saying you won’t be able to do something. 


 In a relationship, as a guy, I feel we need direct communication, and we need a place of vulnerability. I feel successful relationships happen when both the partners put their time and energy into it. 


I hope we get to record more such podcasts with Kiara Advani. Make sure to watch Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, releasing on 20th May. 


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