Eating Organic, Sugar Addiction, Lactose and Gluten Intolerance and Bloating and the Effects of It By Luke Coutinho

Do you often feel bloated? Or do you want to understand more about gluten and lactose intolerance, steroids and their effects and how eating more fruits can increase your sugar level then this blog will guide you through how different types of food affect your gut health and how you can adopt a healthier lifestyle.

This blog covers everything about addiction caused by sugar, the effects of processed and packed foods, bloating and its causes, and how important it is to have a holistic approach.

Hosting Luke Coutinho is always a pleasure. This blog is the sequel to the first-ever video we recorded with Luke. 

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There is a huge demand for a detailed conversation about health, especially after the pandemic, and here is the blog that will help you understand you health better


Eat Organic 


“It is not about the trends in fitness and health. It is about consistency. Even with nutrients focus on 90% natural, may it be fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, and 10% can be junk food. Organic is costly because of their self-life but those are the food that will keep you healthy and fit”.


Sugar Is An Addiction

“Salt, sugar, and fat\’s combination in the right amount can cause an addiction. That is why we love fries and instant noodles. You create a new neural pattern after having such foods. When you eat that food again, this pattern becomes stronger. So addiction is difficult because it becomes your belief pattern”.


Bad Effects Of Processed Food

“No matter what diet you follow or who your trainer is, till you keep processed food at home, nothing can be fixed. It is all about the choices you make. It is not about being in a hostel or any place you need to keep these foods away from you.”


What Causes Bloating?

“People like models or bodybuilders, few days before the event, they even calculate the drops to water. Access amount of water causes bloating, and dehydration can also cause bloating. They cut off carbohydrates because when we ingest carbohydrates, they also store water, and it gives you a puffy look. So, if you consume more sugar or carbohydrates, you will be bloated. In India, many people come to me and say I have put on weight, but they are just bloated”.


What Is Bloating?

“Bloating is trapped gas or water. If you are intolerant to gluten or lactose, that can bloat you. If you have a weak gut, lentils or legumes might bloat you up”.


Lactose intolerance & Gluten intolerance


“If your gut becomes weak, you can’t have foods ‌you used to have because the amount of pesticides is more nowadays. Intolerance is because of poor gut and liver health. To overcome any allergies, you need to take care of your body and understand it”.


Are Probiotics Good For Your Body?

“You can get probiotics from vegetables and pickles. Probiotics are not always good for you. Sometimes it creates more disruption. You need to first understand your body and understand the root cause of all health-related issues. Fasting is a good way to reset your gut. Cut down on sugar for a week”. 


Packaged Juice & Their Effect On Your Life

“Package juices are a waste of your money, and you are going to mess up your metabolic health. I don’t want to put down any company, but that is the truth. When you juice the fruit, you have broken down the nutrients and fiber, so you are having a glass of sugar. When you chew a food, you are mixing it with your saliva, and that is how you absorb the micronutrients”. 


Fruits Cause Weight Gain?


“It is a perception that eating fruits will help you lose weight, but eating too many fruits will also cause you to gain weight. You need to space out your fruit intake and not have it all at once. Raw vegetables are great, but it even depends on your immune system. Some people do great on only raw food, and some people bloat with too much raw food. Avoid it at night, as it is difficult to digest it at night. Your body is not metabolically made for it”. 


Starving Is A Mistake

“People don’t know the difference between fasting and starving. You think you are losing weight by starving, but your body is becoming deficient in micronutrients. Starvation is a big mistake people are making in their weight loss journey”.


Intermittent fasting

“People are following a wrong pattern when it comes to intermittent fasting. Don’t keep changing the times to see it\’s effective results on your body”.


Only Cardio Is Not Enough  

“People focus more on cardio, but the science for fat loss is muscle. I am not talking about buff muscles. It is about lean muscles that can be achieved by practicing squats and lunges or playing tennis or cricket. You can develop muscles. People need to train their metabolic rate”.


Should You Workout In Gym Or Go For Yoga?


“Your exercise should be holistic. Lift heavy, ‌but are you flexible enough? Do as much yoga as you want, but are you also building strength? Don’t put yourself to extremes. Practice both”.


MOST Important Factor Of Fat Loss

“A happy mind is the first ingredient to fat loss. When you are happy, you send a message to your body saying everything is okay. When your body is in disharmony, the bio-rhyme is shaken. Do it for a happy mind”.


Importance Of Recovery Time

 “If you are getting injured often, you need to give more time to recover or increase your nutrition intake. Muscles can only grow stronger when you have a proper recovery time”.


Tips For Weight Gain

“If you want to gain weight, ‌focus on putting on the right amount of fat.” 

  • Understand your body type. 
  • Add on muscles. 
  • Improve your posture.
  • Don’t move to supplements.


Manage Your Hormonal Levels

“Exercise and sleep are the best way to manage your hormone levels. But people are taking testosterone, and these testosterone are making them huge and giving them a false sense of libido. Some people need it, but it needs to be in a specific quantity. It is available everywhere now, and there is a black market for these testosterone so people are not monitoring the intake. This is the reason ‌it is banned in sports”. 


Steroids And Their Effects

“Steroids are used to relieve you from pain or relax your immune system. So steroids have good and bad effects. There are right ways of using it. There is a science behind it, and there is a way of cleaning it from your body. Our bodies produce steroids in their own way. The moment you take external steroids, there is a burden on your body because your kidneys, liver, and heart have to function better”.


Vegetarians And Veganism

“Everything has pros and cons. It is all about what suits you. You need to know if you are following veganism or becoming a vegetarian. Don\’t do it just because it\’s a trend. I respect if it is a religious belief. If it works for you, it is great”.


I hope this blog was insightful, and hopefully, you gained knowledge about health and fitness.

Thank You.

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