Vaani Kapoor on Working In Bollywood, Landing The Movie Shamshera, Working with Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, and Hrithik Roshan And Much More

Vaani Kapoor shared her experience of working in Bollywood, landing Shamshera, working with Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan, her flaws and her inspiration.


In the era where we talk about nepotism and favouritism, here is the story of someone who came into the world of Bollywood with hard work, dedication, and making her own pathway.

Here is a fun conversation with Vaani Kapoor. I hope you enjoy it.

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Vaani Kapoor Feeling A Need To Achieve More

“I still have many more aspirations and dreams. I haven’t reached the place of contentment yet. There are days when I feel it but, it is not a consistent feeling”.


Shooting Befikre

“For the movie Befikre, we went to Paris. We stayed in a beautiful apartment for three months, and Ranveer and I were pampered a lot. We lived like locals in Paris. Our film’s trailer launch was on top of the Eiffel tower. We got a chance to shoot a sequence on top of the Opera house, and usually, people are not allowed there, but we got a chance to shoot there. I never realized these things could become a reality, and they are big for me because I am still a normal girl from Delhi who just got to witness things which were beyond the realms of what I could ever dream of”.


Vaani Kapoor On Working With Hrithik Roshan

“Hrithik Roshan is a sweet and kind person. There are a lot of commonalities between us. For him, it is always about the best shot.”


Ranveer Singh And His Determination


“Ranveer Singh is very hard-working. People sometimes give up, but he knows exactly where he wants to be. He is someone who believes in manifestation. His determination has helped him to achieve whatever he wants. He stands out because he is aware of what works for him”.


Vaani Kapoor\’s Flaws

“I have many flaws, but I like them because they are not harming anyone. I accept it, and it is good to have flaws”.


How To Deal With Setbacks?

“We all hit setbacks. For me, you just have to bounce back. Giving up is not an option”.


Working on Shamshera


“I have waited for the right films to come along. I have worked hard and auditioned for almost all my films except for Shamshera. I knew exactly what I wanted. YRF saw that potential in me”.


Relationship Status of Vaani Kapoor

“I am single right now. I am happy in my company, but I wouldn’t mind having someone I can connect with. Loyalty and commitment are taken for granted. Maybe my parents brought me up in a different era and I am in a different era. I like someone who is real from day one”.


Ranbir Kapoor


“Ranbir Kapoor is honest. He is humble and polite. He doesn’t lose his cool, and not many people are like that. He is not egoist for being a big star”.


What Inspires Vaani Kapoor?

“Love inspires me. Love my work and films. People in my life inspire me to do better”.


What Scares Her?

“I am always curious. I feel the day that I become comfortable, that is the end of me discovering anything new, and that is scary”.



It was a delightful experience to host Vaani Kapoor on The Ranveer Show. I hope you got to know her beyond movies and the Bollywood world.


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