Learnings From My Past Relationships & Tips For A Happy Successful Relationships

Romance is one of my favorite topics to talk about. In this blog, I would share my learnings from all my breakups and a few tips for a happy, successful relationship. Relationships are your greatest teacher in life, especially when it comes to mental toughness.

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Lesson No. 1

The first ever relationship of my life was when I was 14 years old. She was my best friend. And, we were kids, so it was innocent puppy love. It is wonderful and pure. That\’s why, when it ends, it feels like your whole world has come crumbling down.

I learned from this relationship to never fear letting go of something good for something great. As you grow up, you end up discovering a lot about yourself. 


Lesson No. 2

After that, I got into a relationship when I was 19 or 20. We both were studying at that time. I got into alcohol at that time. I was dealing with depression at that time, so this relationship happened at the wrong time.


The lesson I learned from this is not to get emotionally dependent on other people. Relationships should be a part of your life, not your whole life. This phase taught me a lot about life in general.


Lesson No. 3

At about 21, I got into a beautiful relationship with a wonderful person. She had the purest heart. She was the first person I felt could love me with the same intensity. This relationship got me out of my depression phase.

I learned from this relationship not to project my pain onto someone else. I probably projected more negativity onto this person because I started taking her for granted. 


Lesson No. 4

My next relationship was in my early 20s. In India, when you are in your early 20s, you are expected to be more career driven. You are extremely different when you are 22 and when you turn 25 because the real world starts hitting you. The reason why the person fell in love with you in the first place is that quality won\’t even exist in you anymore because that is how much you change. 

The lesson learned was that no matter how perfect a relationship seems, you need to take things slow and communicate.

Rules For Successful Relationship

  • True love exists, and the butterflies in your stomach are a necessity.
  • Friendship should be the basis of your relationship.
  • Don\’t look for perfection, as no one is perfect.
  • Exchange ideas where you see yourself in the next 20-30 years for a long-term relationship. Your vision and ambition should match. 
  • Have a life outside of them.


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