Black Magic, Power Of The Mantras, And Basis Of Vedas

Conversation about black magic and vedas wiith Dr. Radhakrishanan Pillai

If topics like Black Magic fascinate you, or you love reading about Mahabharat and the ancient Indian scriptures, I am sure you will love this blog. From black magic to Vedas to Brahmastra, Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai shared all the knowledge he could in this.


Over three years of running this show, we have spoken to actors, astronauts, athletes, neurologists, and entrepreneurs. But the most requested podcast is always related to ancient Indian culture, ghosts, occult, etc. 

This conversation with Radhakrishnan Pillai is a similar conversation with a spiritual bend. We broke down the 4 Vedas. This podcast is an introductory podcast on the subject of Indian scripture. 

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God Created The Vedas

“Vedas are called apaurusheya. Apaurusheya means not written by men or human beings. Vedas were created without the help of humans. It is said that God created the whole universe, and God has only created the Vedas. He appointed someone to write the Vedas, and Vedavyas wrote it. But Vedavyas is not the creator of it. He just compiled it into the language known to humans”.


Vedas & Their Purpose

“There are four Vedas: Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda. These four Vedas are different methods of reaching God. But we need the guidance of a guru for this purpose. Reading a book doesn’t give you knowledge, but discussing a book gives you knowledge”. 


Rig Veda

“Rig Veda starts with invoking fire. Even today, the first god that we worship is fire god. There are different elements in nature, and Rig Veda is an introduction to the power of the natural elements you can invoke in your life by some mantras mentioned in the Rig Veda”. 


Bringing Back The Dead?

In western culture, there is a practice where you can invoke a dead soul, and bring them into physical form for some period\”.


\”In Mahabharata, Pandavas were born when mother Kunti invoked the Gods through mantras. All the 5 Pandavas were children of Gods”.



“Brahmastra is the most powerful weapon. It can destroy anything and everything. It was like a nuclear weapon of today’s generation. Ashwatthama from the Mahabharata used the Brahmastra to kill Abhimanyu’s wife and unborn child. Because of this, Krishna became angry and punished Ashwatthama with immortality, and he protected that child. He was named Parikshit and the only heir from the Pandavas family after the Mahabharat”.


Mahabharat: A Myth Or A Reality?

“It is a fact that the Mahabharat war happened. There are pieces of evidence, and the government is trying to bring it out. Everything is in a documented form. There is a temple in Kalyan, Mumbai, which was visited by the Pandavas. If you want evidence, you can visit the archaeological department of India”. 


Reasons Most Of The Indian History Unknown

“There are two reasons why we don’t know much about Indian history. One is funding, and the other is there are so many books related to archaeology, but we haven’t read them enough. In western culture, history is important. So, let’s not blame the government”.


Mantras As Weapon?

“In the Vedic period, mantras were used as weapons. Brahmastra is a mantra given to an arrow”.


The MOST Powerful Mantra

“The most powerful mantra even used today is the Mahamrityunjaya mantra. It can bring someone unwell to good health. Ayurveda says you should say the Mahamrityunjaya mantra before having a pill to recover. Doctors also know they can help you to a certain point. It is all about faith”.


Logic And Faith Both Are Important

\”My parents\’ generation just had faith in the godman, but today\’s generation is highly educated, so you need logic in everything. If the Panditji can\’t explain the logic, you wouldn\’t have faith in it. I would say you need to find logic and have faith\”.


Sama Veda

\”Sama Veda talks about music. If you want to be on the creative side, this Veda is for you. All our compositions are in poetic format. Indian classical music is related to nature. The practice of music and meditation is called Sadhana. Music is not just about practicing and improving your throat. It is helping you to reach towards God\”.


 Yajur Veda & Subcategories Of Vedas

“A lot of rituals that we talk about are in Yajur Veda. We have a great culture in India. Vedant is one among them. The four Veda have four subcategories: Samhitas, Aranyakas, Brahmanas, and Upanishads. Among these, Upanishads are a conversation between a guru and a student. There are 18 main Upanishads”. 


Atharva Veda

“Chanakya was the person who studied Atharva Veda and wrote Arthashastra. In Arthashastra, there are a lot of occult practices. Occult practices still happen”. 


Purpose Of Mantra, Yantra, and Tantra

“There are mantras, yantra, and tantra. Mantras are used to invoke a blessing, Yantra is an instrument, and Tantra is the process”. 



“Rudraksha is a seed of a tree and connected to Lord Shiva. It is scientifically proven that people who use Rudraksha while chanting get the blessing of Lord Shiva. It is not only for style. There are many benefits of wearing Rudraksha”.


Black Magic

“Many people practice black magic. Be careful when you see a lemon on the road or some vegetable with some color. Don’t even go near it”.


How To Stay Away From Black Magic?

“Your spiritual guru can save you from black magic. You should have a guru or chant a positive mantra. The way to attack negativity is through positivity”.


Reason Behind Dreams

“In Indian culture, whatever you dream is a part of your being. It is related to your astral body. Dreams are reflections of what you believe or do throughout the day. You need to have positive affirmation or mantra for a good sleep”. 


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  7. So there are no any black magic mantras are mentioned in any of our Veda so how it came and so popular, and what about the rituals which has been done in order to protect from black magic.

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