Major Avinash Sahani- His Experience as a SPECIAL FORCE Veteran

Major Avinash

From skydiving to water diving, from mountains in the north to desert in the west to jungles in the east, Major Avinash has traveled almost all over India and had great experiences in this. This is his story of survival and struggles faced in extreme conditions. He shared about how to get into the NDA, having balanced mental health, struggles in the northeast of India and his heart-felt message to the youth, this blog has everything.


Major Avinash Sahani served in the Special force for more than a decade. He is a skydiver and a water driver. He has lived in almost all parts of India. From the mountains in the north to the desert in the west and jungles in the east. 

It was a great experience to have Major Avinash Sahani on The Ranveer Show. Every Special Forces person I meet they are like a book. They don’t just have military experience, but they even have a different perspective about life. 


I hope you enjoy this blog and get an insight into the life of a veteran. 

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“MARCOS stands for marine commandos. MARCOS came into formation to conduct special operations in the water and on the beach”.


NDA Seats And Getting Into MARCOS

“When you join the NDA, ‌choose if you want to join the army, navy, or air force. The seats in NDA are more for the army. A little less for the air force. The least number of seats are for the navy. If you pick navy, you can train for MARCOS after clearing certain tests”. 


Bachelor Degrees Option For Different Forces

“The army guys can choose the bachelor of arts in NDA, bachelor of science, or bachelor in computer science. Air force and Navy guys have to pick a bachelor of science or bachelor of computer science. They can’t choose B.A. as they have to study ships and aircraft, so they need to know the science behind these”.


BEST Among The Guns And Rifles

“There are a few parameters to rate guns and rifles. The important ones are accuracy, recoil, reliability, and ease of handling. AK-47 got its recognition in the year 1947. The best part of the AK-47 is a guy from class 3 can disassemble it and reassemble it in 5 minutes. Because of its simplicity, it is easy to handle. Its metallurgy of it is good. When too many parts are put together in a system, one minor glitch in the system can put the entire system to rest, which does not happen with AK-47”. 


IMPORTANT Quality For Getting Into Special Forces

“Be honest and decisive is always looked up to or being a good team member. Contribute to the team. Everything is about the team when it comes to special forces”.


Near Death Experience? 

“I am a safe driver, so no accidents have occurred. No accidents happen in the firing range because I abide by the rules. I have dived into different lakes, rivers, and channels. By God\’s grace, I have had no experience of death after jumping from an aircraft”.


Rescuing People From Rivers

“You keep moving your hands to find some metal or some piece of the bike, hoping to find a body because the flow is strong. There is even a deposition of mud, so the body gets covered with mud soon. The flow is strong, but you have to do it even after knowing the risks”.


Sattu Is The Best

“I prefer sattu because of the proteins. The best part of sattu is it is easy to digest as you are walking, and you don’t even feel hungry”.


Mindset Of People Across The Different Forces

“The mindset is almost the same like never give up attitude, being ruthless, being a team player. When the situation demands being fearless. These attributes are similar all over the world”.


Conversations With The Terrorists

“I have had conversations with a terrorist. But when you get into a conversation, he believes in his ideology, and I believe in mine. The conversation is human-to-human. So it is nothing as everyone believes it to be. I can’t comment about the Jihadis in the north as I have served more in the North-West, and here it was not about religion”.


Struggles Of People In The NorthEast

“The people in the northeast are better fighters because of their living conditions. They are hunters, so their instinct and their listening capabilities are good. In the northeast, there are places with no proper road, no mobile tower, and no hospitals, and when they come outside of that place, they are called names, and racist comments are passed on them. But, fortunately, many things have changed in the past 4-5 years”. 


India Has No Snippers?

“There are some fighters who are naturally good snippers. Some of them undergo training. In our country, we still don’t have a concept of snippers because we didn’t evolve at the same speed as the other parts of the world. We have DMR, which we call snipper, but we were never in the league of snippers”.


Mandate Of The Special Forces

“You raise an organization to fulfill a mandate. Then you make sub-branches in the organization, and after that, you provide them with equipment. This is the process. The special force\’s mandate is to operate across the boundaries, behind the enemy line to neutralize the important targets”. 


Major Avinash Sahani’s Favourite Place In India

“The most beautiful part I have gone to has to be Arunachal. For a moment, you would not know if those were from the set of Game Of Thrones or India. The fresh blue water, cold breeze, and lush green mountains. It was really beautiful”.


Difficult Times In Assam

“There was an exercise that was happening in Assam. We were supposed to cover three and a half or four kilometers. It took us two and a half hours to just complete 800 meters in the jungles. We had no orientation. We did that for two and a half hours because we had no tracks and no reference point”.


Mental Health Balance

“I had an emotional void because of the disconnect I had. Maybe it is my upbringing, or maybe I have trained my subconscious mind because of which I don’t slump into depression or become too happy when things are good. Most of the time, I am balanced”.


Motivation Of Major Avinash Sahani

“I like the third paragraph of the poem if, and I used to listen to it every night when I was in NDA. That has kept me thinking that no matter what comes, I will face it”. 


Heart-Felt Message To Everyone By Avinash Sahani

“I have always believed in being a good human being first. You may or may not succeed professionally, but when you go to sleep every day, you sleep like a baby like me. No regrets, no impractical ambitions. I don’t want to die with regret. Don’t run in the rat race. Find out what you love and do that”.


As mentioned at the start, talking to Major Avinash Sahani was an extreme pleasure. I hope to bring such beautiful and meaningful conversations for you guys. 

Thank you for the love and support.


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