Reason For Self-Doubt And How to Overcome It

Self-belief has been the greatest battle in my life. Though I am confident, there are still times when, even after achieving so much, I have moments of self-doubt. My only aim with this blog is to put positivity and help you all. I want you guys to pick up the healings. This blog is to help you guys deal with self-belief issues by sharing my story and how I deal with it now.

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Mental Fitness

When we talk about mental health, we should also talk about mental fitness. Mental fitness is the ability to face the difficulties that life throws at you and ensure your mental health is stable while facing these difficulties. 


My Battle With Self-Doubt

I had a lot of self-belief issues. I felt I didn’t accomplish as much as I should have in my career, even after two established start-ups. Even during the lockdown, we were growing, and everything was going well. Still, I had thoughts like, where would be in a year from now? What would be the next step?




I had mixed parenting. I was always close to my mom. She has given me all the confidence you see on screen, communication skills, and all the positivity you feel listening to my podcast. It is all from her. 


Growing up, I was never close to my dad, and I feel it\’s completely okay. We are cool now. A big reason was:

  • There were two alpha males in one house with different mentalities. 
  • He believed in marks and academics.

I didn’t study well till 9th grade, which created a lot of clashes between us. He used to say things like, ‘you would not end up as anything in life.’ He thought the best way to motivate me was to insult me. It may have worked for him, so he thought it would motivate me, but it didn’t. He was not wrong, but his approach didn’t work for me. 


Seed Of Self-Doubt

Even with all the motivation and confidence from my mom, I grew up with self-doubts because of the insults from my teachers and arguments with my dad. 

The things you listen to in your childhood become the truth of your life. The way parents talk to their kids becomes the inner voice of the kid throughout their life. 

When I started with BeerBiceps, I had self-doubt yet was confident. 


Ways I Dealt With Self-Doubt

Years later, I started meditating. I had an ayahuasca experience and spiritual experiences. After the ayahuasca experience, the memories of arguments with my father and the insults from my teachers were back.


Why Do People Cry During Meditation?

All these thoughts of insult stay with you. You can\’t talk back to those insults because your parents and teacher are elder to you. But these implicit memories stay with you. Sometimes in deep spiritual experience, you cry and release those pains. I have somewhat released those emotions by crying them out. 


Ways To Release Yourself From Pain

If you require clarity or self-belief, you need to release yourself from that past. This is possible by either daily meditation or writing down your whole life. 


It is about releasing your pain and getting rid of your childhood scares. Once you remove this pain, you will be able to improve your relationships with people around you.



If you are striving for greatness, you will have self-doubt. 

If you are someone who has self-doubt issues, it is okay because it is a part of the chase for greatness. 

  • Map out your future well. 
  • Don’t worry about tomorrow. 
  • Take one day at a time. 
  • Ground yourself and live in the present.

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3 thoughts on “Reason For Self-Doubt And How to Overcome It”

  1. Prathamesh lakhe

    Thanks guys this helped me in lot of ways.. ❤ In the middle of reading this article I had a emotional burst! 🥲

  2. Prathamesh lakhe

    Thanks guys this helped me in lot of ways.. ❤ In the middle of reading this article I had a emotional burst! 🥲

  3. Sonali Gokhale

    The meditation app – level has been useful in overcoming this. The breathing exercises, positive affirmations and journal writing along with exercises has been extremely helpful in recreating a foundation for the new self. Listening to the TRS podcast, studying up on varied subjects and the meditation app together help built a strong graceful positive foundation for creating fresh thoughts that will become the base of a positive reality of the future

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