All About Kalki Avatar And Reincarnation Of Lord Vishnu

When will Kalki be born? Was Gautam Buddha a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu? Where will Kalki be born? To answer all these questions, we have Dr. Vineet Aggarwal on The Ranveer Show. Hope you enjoy this episode.


Having Dr. Vineet Aggarwal on The Ranveer Show is always an honor. Episodes with him are always liked by you all. I am always blown by the knowledge he withholds 

In this episode, we spoke about Kalki, the final avatar of Vishnu, and about ancient history. 


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Reason For Lord Vishnu\’s Descend


“In Hindu tradition, there are many gods, and Vishnu is one of the highest gods in this trinity. He is the person responsible for preserving and maintaining the universe. It is believed that Lord Vishnu takes different forms and descends on Earth in different forms to fulfill a purpose of restoring faith a belief in God”.


What Is Evil?

“Many people have tried to analyze evil. Swami Vivekananda mentioned that evil is just the absence of God. Evil is associated with egos, may it be from Mahabharat or Ramayana. It is about when a person is solely driven by personal ambition”. 


Overexploitation A Reason For Natural Calamity?

“Prakruti or nature is a female aspect of god. Natural calamities are more of a pushback from mother nature that we have been overexploiting. She is the mother nature, Prakriti or Shakti. She is the reason behind everything that is moving, and she is the energy behind everything that is happening. Whenever you see a natural calamity, it is to teach us a lesson for exploiting nature”.


Who Is Shiva?


“Shiva is time. Lord Vishnu can come and wipe out evil now. But, he will come at a certain time. So there is always an element of Shiva in Vishnu and vice versa. Similarly, without energy or Shakti, Shiva would be considered a corpse which doesn’t sound good, but that is what tantra says. It means both co-exist. They are facets of the same being”. 


Reign Of Kali


“It is after Krishan left this planet Kali could begin his reign. Kali is the closest Hindu counterpart we can find to Satan. Kali is supposed to live in 4 places. One where there is alcohol, where there is illicit sex, and where there is materialism. These places try to bring out the worst in you. May it be in a gambling space or where alcohol is being served. Kali rules in these places”.


When Did Ramayana Happen?

“According to the scripture, Ramayana happened a long time ago. It happened in the 24th Maha Yuga, which is millions of years ago. We are right now in the 28th Maha Yuga. The theories of a yuga are not understood very well even now. There is this theory of ascending and descending yuga, but it doesn’t find its base in the scripture. The scripture says Yuga to be a cycle”.

“Kalki is like the Parshuram of the modern era. Kalki has violence to get rid of the demonic power of the world”.


Mention Of Kalki In Different Religious Scripture

“The Abrahamic religion called it the judgment day. In Christianity, there is a mention of the fourth or the fifth horseman coming. It is similar to the Kalki avatar. In Islam also, there is a mention of Hazarat coming to establish the principles again. In Buddhism, there is a scripture called Kala chakra where the teaching has been passed on by Gautam Buddha to the first king of that lineage. There are 32 kings in that lineage, and the last one would correspond to the Kalki we know”.


Kalki Purana

“Kalki Purana is uppuram. The prediction of Kalki comes from all the Puran. They give us a background on how Kaliyuga would be. We can see a few things happening now that have been mentioned to be a part of Kaliyuga. The Kalki Purana says Kalki would appear when there is a decimation of religion. There will be only one Varna that would exist that would be atheists. The purpose of God appearing would be to establish religion again”.

Birth Place Of Kalki

\”According to Hindu scriptures, the exact birthplace of Kalki is not mentioned. It might be somewhere in Uttar Pradesh, but the Tibetan prophecies believe ‌the king would be born in Tibet. The princess he would be marrying would be in Sri Lanka”.

“The Kalki Purana talks about the future. There is a bit of rationalization you need to do as it was written in a previous time. The visions Veda Vyasa received, he has written”.


We Are More Religious

“We are more religious than our parents as we are trying to find out things that they never did. We have opportunities like the internet to research and learn\”. 


Kalki Resembles With Parshuram?

“Kalki is like the Parshuram of the modern era. Kalki has violence to get rid of the demonic power of the world. Parshuram had a personal grudge, which he settled. He saw the condition of other people also was similar to him. Parshuram did the same thing that Kalki is believed to do, kill the evil, and it didn’t benefit him in any way”.


Buddha: A Reincarnation Of Lord Vishnu?


“There are a lot of scriptures that mention Buddha as a reincarnation. I would say try to research a little. Some people argue two or three different emergences of Buddha with the timeline. But, many scriptures that mention Buddha as a reincarnation”. 

“If you believe in Buddha being a reincarnation, it shows Buddha talked about following the middle path. Lord Krishnan also speaks about this in Bhagavad Gita. Buddha practiced extreme at the start, after which he started preaching following the middle path”.


Should Everyone Become Sanyasi?

“For any society to survive, you need a certain population in economic some in protecting the country. If all become sanyasis how will society survive? There was a way to look at this. In Buddhism, salvation means something else as compared to Hinduism. In Hindu philosophy, a person can experience everything that the work has to offer. For sannyasi to survive, there has to be a householder. It is a symbiotic relationship”.


Ending Note

“I would love people to read the Kalki Purana. It is a small book. And I would love people to read it. Kalki would be someone who is not just spiritually enlighted, probably might be someone with a hint of A.I.”.


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