Jahnavi Kapoor Opening Up Like Never Before

Is Jahnavi Kapoor single? What are her thoughts on Nepotism and what are her deepest insecurities? This blog will answer all these questions. This is the fun and heart out conversation with Jahnavi Kapoor,

The Indian Film industry is constantly evolving. The upcoming stars don\’t get a chance to talk their heart out because they are always asked about the same thing. This is where podcasts come in. I hope you enjoy this blog.


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Jahnavi Kapoor is someone whose vibe you won\’t understand until you meet her in person. 


Anxiousness Is Comforting At Times

\”I don\’t have anything to feel anxious about. Sometimes I look for reasons to feel anxious because that has a weird ‌comfort, as you have something to fixate on. But I don\’t have anything to break my head over now\”.



\”There were nepotism remarks in my life from a very young age. Small remarks like if I scored well on some test, I was taunted by saying it\’s not you, the teachers, like your parents, so you got good grades. Such remakes make you question what you have to offer?\”

\”There is some truth to these nepotism comments. I would prefer to be under-confident rather than delusional. I don\’t want to be arrogant because once you become arrogant your growth becomes stagnant as a person, and I would hate that\”.


Growing Up As A Star Kid

\”I loved my childhood. I skipped school many times as I was either on film sets or traveling. Education is important, but from the film sets and travel, I learned a lot about respecting people\’s time, hierarchy, and emotional intelligence”. 


Impact On Jahnavi Kapoor’s Life After Losing Her Mom Sridevi

“After losing my mom, the only thing that kept my dad and me going is our love for films, other than the love and support of our loved ones. Honestly, I don’t think I had the will to go through it if I didn’t love what I am doing”.


Jahnavi Kapoor’s Insecurity

“My biggest insecurity is what if I am as limited as people think I am? I have days where I think it can be the truth”.


Relationship Status

“I am happy being single, but I do feel lonely‌. I think intimacy for our generation has become so accessible that it also makes people scared because they stay far from forming an equation with anyone”. 


A Quote That Stays With Jahnavi Forever

“I don’t want to believe that there are people who wish bad for others. I read a quote, the world is in your eyes, so look it at as the way you want to see it”.


Jahnavi Speaking About Her Dad

“My dad is a hustler. I think he is really strong because he has gone through so many things in life, and I doubt someone else could deal with such situations. Nothing gets him down. And the quality that he values is honesty”. 


The Kapoor Brothers

“All of them are huge believers of hard work, and I think they approach everything with the purity of intent. They are not outcome-driven they are processes-driven which is a great way of looking at life. They are real with each other”.


Jahnavi Talking About Sridevi

“I don’t know. Maybe if she was around, I could have answered this freely. She is not around, so I feel people will feel I am arrogant to draw a parallel between me and mom. For people, she is Sridevi Kapoor. For me, she is my mom. I am sensitive like her”. 

“I don’t think people know her. There is so much love for her. I don’t want to say anything to inspire that emotion. I think what she stood for in her life were innocence and dignity. She was naive and innocent, which made her uncorrupted as a person”.


About Her New Film- Good Luck Jerry

“Good Luck Jerry is streaming on Hotstar. It is about a girl who seems innocent and naive but is very smart. Through the course of the film, she learns that she need not be apologetic. Apart from that, it is a fun movie”. 


What Does Jahnavi Kapoor Hate?

“I hate spending time away from my family. Being lonely. It is more of a consequence of the past. I have wasted too much time on people who don’t deserve it”.


It was really fun hosting Jahnavi Kapoor on The Ranveer Show. I hope you got to know her more than just a star kid.

Thank You.


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