My Experience With Ghost

All my life, I always had this one question, looking at people around me. Is this all that there is? Or is there a deeper layer that we can’t see? 

I got introduced to horror movies as a kid, and they answered the questions.

I have learned when someone dies with a lot of anger or has left something incomplete; they have anger in them, which is why ghosts are termed to be evil. But all are not bad.  


Biggest Fear Of My Childhood

You all know that the house I lived in was family-owned, and when I was growing up, there was a hospital on the ground floor. I have always feared the dark. When I was in a dark room, I felt some energy around me. I couldn’t sleep alone until I was 19 or 20 years old. 

Sleep Paralysis



When I was 11 years old, my dad was not home. I was sleeping with my mum in their room. It was the same time when I was experiencing sleep paralysis often. Sleep paralysis is a way of defense mechanism. When you experience sleep paralysis, you can’t move your body, scream, or do your thing. You are just aware of your vision. In a bad sleep paralysis experience, nightmares become a part of this experience because your brain is confused about reality and dreams. 


My First Experience With Ghost

My sleep paralysis would be me waking up in my room and seeing the shadow of someone. I couldn’t scream as I was in a sleep paralysis state. So my best defense mechanism was to close my eyes and hope that sleep meets me again. Once I was sleeping next to my mom, and I started feeling something more than sleep paralysis. I felt like someone was chaining me to the bed, and I could hear the scream of those shadow figures. I opened my eyes and saw a woman sitting on top of me. Her one eye was covered with her hair. I was extremely uncomfortable. I could do nothing, as I was in sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis made it possible for me to wake my mom. I just closed my eyes and started reciting the mantra that my mum had taught me. After a while, the ghost was gone. 


Ghost In My Office?

Eventually, I grew out of that fear. I got into spirituality. I started meditating a lot at the age of 22-23. Rajas and I used to meditate together before starting work to have positive energy around us. Once we were meditating around midnight. It is said that meditation is deeper when it happens in the dark. This particular meditation was feeling a little dark. When you meditate with someone, you kind of experience the same energy around. We both felt something dark. I kept meditating and chanted the mantra that my mom had said when I was a kid. I felt we kind of pushed the energy out. We finished the meditation, and the first question Rajas asked was, did you feel the same?


Years later, a psychic had come to visit, and he directly went to the room which is right below my mum’s room. 


I spoke to my grandfather about the same, and he said patience in the hospital also felt the presence of ghosts in the room. We did pooja, and havan’s there to push the dark energy out. 

Most Recent Ghost Experience

When we were searching for houses, we saw around 30 houses and this particular house had some energy. My business head Nachiket stayed for a week in the room before I did.  I visit and he said he would wake up with a sense that someone was looking at him in the middle of the night. After I moved even I felt the same thing. 


I meditate daily on the presence of these energies that are not felt in my room anymore.


I hope you liked this blog, and make sure to share your stories in the comments session. 


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5 thoughts on “My Experience With Ghost”

  1. More than reading about you horror experience listening it in your solo podcast was very frightening. I wasn’t able to sleep that night when I watched this podcast. Even I got a dream of the same type as you narrated your experience. I believe in ghost and I always think that ghosts exist because they haven’t reached the spiritual level with God when there soul was in a material body. They are wandered to get moksh. And it is also said that is our horoscope ( janm patrika) has some connection with that soul then will we definately get horror experience, Just wanted to share some part of my knowledge.

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