Ma Anand Sheela Opening About OSHO Like Never Before

If you love reading about spirituality or want to know more about Wild WIld Country or Osho, this blog is your key This blog is a conversation with Ma Anand Sheela and he conversing about her most favourite subject in the world:Bhagwan Rajneesh or well known as Osho

Everyone has heard about Wild Wild Country and about Osho, but you wouldn’t have ever listened or read about Ma Anand Sheela opening up like never before. If you are someone who enjoys spiritual conversation, then you are going to love this.


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Ma Anand Sheela\’s Perspective On Younger Generation

“I see a lot of potential in young people, especially the youth of India. You have come a long way, and you have to walk longer to find yourself”.


Her Thoughts About Death

“Life is wonderful. I am preparing myself for my last day. People are usually scared of their last day, but I have lived so much that I am ready for the last moment. This readiness is what I am enjoying”.


Wild Wild Country

“I did not think it would turn out this way. The only reason I gave an interview to the Wild Wild Country was that my father had said to me ‌I should speak. My experience of life is so vast that it can inspire people of future generations. My sister was upset because she was like people will not understand. I said let them do their work, and I will do mine. I had no expectations”.


Shooting For Wild WIld Country

“I haven\’t seen Wild Wild Country. I was filmed for 5 days non-stop. Whatever questions they asked, I answered. They said they will give me the questions ahead of time, but I said no. I know my life, and I don’t mind. After recording what they do, it is not my concern”.


Hate Towards Osho

“It is normal for Bhagwan to be hated or loved. Where will you find the intelligence and creativity that Bhagwan had? The answers to human problems on daily bases, Bhagwan is the only one who has answered such questions”.  


Thoughts About America

“They have bigger problems than us. America is almost losing its number one status because of their government”. 

“I look back at America as a third-world country. Their mental state is the worst, even though they have good roads. They have shredded the freedom of individuals. They want to control women”.


First Thoughts On Meeting OSHO

“There was no reflection. I just thought I wanted to be in the fragrance of this man. I just wanted to look at him and disappear, and that’s what happen. He is a part of me. If he wasn’t a part of me, I wouldn’t be able to speak about him”.


Bhagwan Is In My Heart

“It was his teaching to burn the bridges behind. So I never looked back or had second thoughts. Bhagwan was a man I fell in love with. I was the only one who considered him human, yet he is my God. He is in my heart”.


Advise To The World

“Be yourself. Don’t imitate. Find your true value. There are millions more teachings. I would recommend you could read the books of Bhagwan up to 1985 because these books are not altered. After I left, they started cutting Bhagwan’s word to promote and make more money”. 


Visiting Pune Ashram

“I don’t look at it because I have nothing to do with it. They have altered Bhagwan’s teaching now. I visited the Pune ashram in 2019. I felt nothing. That is not the Puna ashram we created and lived there proudly”.


OSHO\’S Thinking Behind Sex

“Sex and sexuality are the basic energy every individual has. If you want to get into your creativity, you have to understand yourself and your sexuality. The preoccupation with sex kills the creativity in you. You have to understand your basic value regarding sexuality. Until that, you would not be free in your mind. We are taught to oppress it rather than live through it. Bhagawan says to respect others through choice engaged in sexuality”. 

“Bhagwan was one of the first men who spoke about sexuality and presented it with the terms super consciousness. His book about sex to super consciousness is superb. The next step is to respect self-respect, and after that is no judgment about sexuality, homosexuality, or transgender. Modern man suffers from this”.


Intoxication & Meditation

“Bhagwan spoke about alcohol and all as one should not engage. The reason was that meditation is a path of awareness, and any intoxication makes you unaware. The addition is against the soul and the body. After I left, Bhagwan got into this intoxication”. 


Meditation Practises In Pune Ashram

“Our full day in Pune\’s ashram was full of activities. It started with laughing and dynamic meditation. After that for an hour or two, we would listen to Bhagwan. After that, workers would go to their work, and the visitors spend their time enjoying the ashram. Then there was evening meditation, then Bhagwan’s darshan after that ashram was closed”.


Her Way Of Dealing With Confused Situations

“When I am confused or unclear in my thoughts. I bounce it off with someone who I trust and someone who can give me a clear opinion, then I decide which way I have to move”.


Misunderstanding Towards OSHO

“Bhagwan presented us with an analyzed situation, and it had a logic. So we accepted it. But people started calling him sex guru. Bhagwan’s life purpose was to bring us to know our own sexuality”. 


Ma Anand Sheela is a powerful lady and you get to know this when you interact with them. Speaking to her was one of my dreams.


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  2. Bhaiya mereko aap bohot aache lagte ho… Itne acche se bolte ho… Aap ke podcast and youTube vidoes dekhkar and sunkar mera bohot improve hua he.. Thanks bhaiya

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