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If an entrepreneurial conversation inspires you then you would love this one. This blog is the journey of Carl Pei, the founder of Nothing. He is well-known as the founder of OnePlus, which he left in 20202 to start his own venture. This blog is about his journey, his inspiration, and his hard work, and effort in making his parents proud.

Carl Pei is the founder of Nothing. He started his entrepreneurial journey and is known to be a co-founder of OnePlus.  OnePlus started in the year 2013 and Carl Pei left the firm in 2020 to start his new hardware venture called Nothing.

This blog is a deep dive into Carl Pei\’s journey. I hope you enjoy it.

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“Nothing is a brand new start-up. We started during the covid, and there have been many ups and downs. From getting the team, investment, and the supply chain to making the product. It was a challenging yet happy time”. 


“For me, the happiest feeling is when someone is using NOTHING product. They look at me and do not recognize me, which means the brand is growing”. 


Carl Pei On Steve Jobs

“I currently read audiobooks. I am reading After Steve, on how Apple changed after Steve Jobs. As a child, I was a fan of Steve Jobs. I was fascinated by when I started to know him. I think the best movie is Pirates of Silicon Valley”. 


Carl Pei Inspiration To Start NOTHING

“I was born in China and left it when I was four. After that, we moved to States and then to Sweden. It’s a healthy thing to consult a therapist. When I was younger, I was obsessed with making money as we were Asian living in the states. Many incidents made me feel like that, to try new things”. 


Start of Carl Pei’s Journey

“When YouTube just came out, the content moderation was week. There were a lot of people uploading the videos with English subtitles. I thought to myself isn’t there any way to upload these videos on the website and offer people to watch them whenever they want to? It got popular. Made revenue and sold it”.


Growing Up

“Growing up in Sweden, I always heard about the growing Chinese economy. I had no exposure to that. After high school, I took a year off to go to China and learn. I went to the electronics markets and bought and sold products. The smartphone also was growing. I didn’t complete the course at the university because I didn’t write the exam. I was being arrogant about it. After that, I had two options: either go to Silicon Valley or China. I got a job in China, so I moved there. I had built a fan page for them, and that community got featured in the LA times. For me, it was always one thing that led to another”


Becoming A Part Of OnePlus

“With One Plus, I had reached out to the Vice-President of Oppo on Dms. We met, and he hired me into Oppo, and then I helped him with One Plus”.


Growth Of OnePlus

“We watched fight clubs and tried to get some nuggets from that movie. We, humans, are not 100% rational. We need emotions, so we got to believe in something and not just do it to make sales. We tried to do things differently”.


Are Carl Pei’s Parents Proud Of Her?

“I think my parents are proud of me now. But, not getting a college degree was a situation for a long time. Even after success with OnePlus, they were still like you don’t have a degree. What if you want to change your job? Now they are westernized as they have lived for a long time in Europe. The turning point was when I surprised them with an apartment”.


Dealing With comparison

“Everyone has their journey. I used to compare myself a lot. But I am quite happy with my journey, and that comparison has faded away”.


True Success For Carl Pei

“I have been very focused on work, which is great, but true success being not just great at work but also in your relationship with family and friends. Even having good health”. 


Carl Pei Doesn’t Like Black Mirror?

“I used to like Black Mirror. The last one was Bandersnatch, and it is very dark, to be honest. I like the thought of technology empowering humans. Things that can make humans smarter and more capable that is where I would want to play in the future”.


Enjoying Every Moment

“I read Atmamun, and the main takeaway was we are all going to die. We know it from a philosophical level, but when we truly understand this, we learn to enjoy ourselves at the moment, and there is nothing to fear”. 


Success For Apple

“Apple is as close as you can get to in terms of execution in a company. I think there are so big and successful that there is an opportunity for someone to one in. They have to cater to everybody, so they can’t be special to anybody. So if any company is trying to cater to a small group of the audience, then there are a lot of gaps to fill, but still, their stock prices are high, so they are doing everything right”.



“I am someone who thinks little about the future, and it is even because the company is tiny. We take minor risks. Smartphones are on the advanced side. We still have to figure out a way to connect all our electric appliances connected and integrated them even though we do have smart home systems these days. Our primary focus is to invest a lot more in research for this”. 


Worst And Best Aspect Of Carl Pei’s Life

“Lack of love, and I haven’t seen my family for a while. The best aspect is getting to meet real people who believe in our visions”.


The conversation with Carl Pei was amazing and I am really happy to be an investor in Nothing.

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