A Heartfelt Conversation by your Fashion Bhaiya- Ranveer Allahbadia

I have always enjoyed making content around fashion, grooming, and personality development. But during the lockdown, we had to stop with this content, as no one cared about grooming during the pandemic, but your fashion bhaiya is now back. We are planning to start fashion content again, so I hope you guys will enjoy this content.

This blog is all my learning in life and a heartfelt conversation with you guys. Answering a few questions that all of you might have.


Why Did I Stop Vlogging?

I know you all loved our vlogs, but I have realized that vlogs aren’t my cup of tea. I have been vlogging for a year and a half, and none of my vacations felt like a break. All the time, I was recording. And honestly, I have massive respect for Mumbaiker Nikhil, Flying Beast, and Sourav Joshi. Vlogging is not my passion, so I am not continuing with it.


Why Do I make Videos on Impressing Girls?

Mental health is volatile when you are working on social media. And sometimes people pick your videos for discussions and reaction videos on my videos for having titles like ‘Ladkiyo ko Kaise paataye?’ but those videos are for personality development. I don’t mind people making videos on those but don’t just go by the titles because if the title of those videos were communication skills, people wouldn’t click, so we have to make titles clickable.


Who are my Friends?

In this field, people are only with you for convenience. The circle decreases. I do feel the need to make friends. I meet people I meet through podcasts. True friendships are with those who you meet in school or college. I want to meet intellectual people. And through the journey of podcasting, I have met people like Abhijit Chavda and Dr. Sid Warrier who are my good friends now. 


One Of My Biggest Mistake In my Early Days.

I was preachy at the start of my journey, which I feel was one of my mistakes. The definition of success and happiness is different for each individual. 


My Relationship Status

I feel when love has to enter my life, it will. Life is all about the unexpected. My goal right now is success and happiness.  



I have a lot of potential in money in the coming years, but now I don’t know. But I focus on creating more content rather than the inflow of money. My team members look for it, but I don’t keep track. 


Planning a lot of fun series, and I enjoy the content, so I am not planning to leave YouTube. I hope you support me in this new journey with a new fun series.


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3 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Conversation by your Fashion Bhaiya- Ranveer Allahbadia”

  1. Aashisa Bhattacharjee

    Dear sir, I know and I understand you that what have you become now and how were you early was not easy for you.. I love your personality, your spiritual life, and it’s definitely peace to ignoring people who thrrow shit.. Bcz when your grow your grow both your friends and foe😊.

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