Benefits of Mushrooms, Different Psychedelics And Dealing With Daddy Issues

Can Mushroom solve health issues? What do you think is necessary to improve your bone health? What are the lies that the health industry is telling? Difference between rave parties today and in the olden days. This blog will answer all your questions related to psychedelics, dealing with stress, and myths about a healthy lifestyle.


I have often spoken about my experience with substances, but these are not for fun. The world of neurology studies these substances to understand science better. Our intention with this conversation is not to encourage you to try these substances. Any addiction of any form will harm you. 

I highly recommend you guys watch Fantastic Fungi.

This blog is about mushrooms, mental health, and parental issues.


Dealing With Stress

“I am in a fantastic space. I don’t know what it will be tomorrow. Every moment can be different. That\’s what I\’ve learned. The last couple of months have been good. It doesn’t mean there were no struggles, but it is amazing because I feel amazing. I have low moments in life, but I choose to focus on the happy moments. The lows are out of our control. Most people don’t have stress. It is something or someone they are resisting that is stressful for them. Resistance doesn’t solve any problem. I have dropped resistance on things I cannot control, and this has brought me peace”. 


How To Build A Strong Immune System?

“Your bone marrow produces stem cells. Your immune system is strong with the right amount and quality of stem cells. It doesn’t mean you won’t fall sick. Your recovery rate would be faster. Healthy food, stretching, and sleep will help you increase the number of stem cells”. 


Calcium Is Not Necessary For Bone Health?

“Building muscles helps you improve your bone health. The biggest myth is calcium is necessary for good bone health. We need calcium, K2, magnesium, and D3 for better bone health. Walking and yoga will help you with your bone health”. 


Intake Of Mushrooms

“We have to be open to everything. If you are open to pumping people with chemicals with side effects, we even need to be open to an alternative. I am not saying stop taking your drugs and rely on mushrooms. But scientists have been studying these for a long time. The purpose of taking these mushrooms should not be to trip”. 


Positive Effect Of Substances

“90% of the diseases these days are caused due to emotional issues. It could be a poor childhood or a wrong lifestyle. We can’t go back to childhood to change these issues. People who take LSD or ayahuasca see life differently. I am not talking about the ones who overuse it. They see problems and relationships differently. They can be very calm”. 


Right Way Of Doing Ayahuasca


“You don’t do ayahuasca by getting it here. Ayahuasca should be performed under the guidance of a shaman. He will give a logic and science behind it. He will help you see life differently”.


Rave Parties


“I grew up in Goa, so I have seen how rave parties have changed from how they were to now. Now it is a feast to pick up men or women, show who is better, and show off your Rolex. Before, it was about being comfortable in your outfits, dancing, and being connected to nature”.


Benefits Of Using Psychedelics

“We are not able to use our brains to their full potential. Psychedelics open up parts of your brain that already exist, and that\’s why you start seeing your mistakes. It shows you your responsibilities because there is clarity. Many people may not want to do psychedelics, which is where meditation comes in. Meditation will open parts of your brain that gives you clarity”.


Why Do You Hit Rock Bottom?

“Dark knight of the soul is covered in every religion in different ways. The dark knight of a soul is when you have to hit rock bottom, and you have to come out now. We, humans, want to hold on to everything. If we hit rock bottom, we think it is the end. That is a perception. You have to go through rock bottom, without alcohol or drugs, as the use of this means you are just coping. You have to go through the dark phase”. 


Crying Out

“Emotional toxins are all the negativity you suppressed. Resentment, guilt, betrayal, hurt. Crying is one of the most powerful medicine. You can go into your phase and cry your heart out. I can guarantee you one thing after you cry: the feeling that you will have is not happiness, it\’s empowerment. Crying is therapeutic. Allow negative thoughts which will come into your mind, but you need to channel them and how much time you will give to them. Don’t spiral”. 



“Sometimes pick up an incident from your past, go through it in detail, and cry. That is a part of the healing journey. If you are finding it difficult to forgive someone, cry it out. The beauty of tradition and culture is when someone dies in your family, you are supposed to go through the grieves. No one wants to do that today. People want to jump back to their work and try to cope with it and try to forget. But the suppressed grief has to come up”. 


Understanding The Cause of Cancer

“Only the human body can get sick. Your spirit can never get sick. It can be dampened or bruised but never get sick. When your soul gets bruised, it translates into physical sickness. 90% of my breast cancer patients come up to me in the 5-6 months and have pinpointed the emotional issues because of which they got cancer. Prostate cancer can be because by irritability, anger, frustration, and insecurity. Most ER-positive breast cancer patients are emotionally hurt, betrayed, pain. Thyroid cancer can be because of a lack of voicing yourself. These are not the only cause but, it is a huge part. The major cause of cancer is the breakdown in the immune system. From a miscarriage to a deadly disease, there is an emotional connection”. 


Daddy Issues

“Almost every son has daddy issues. There are two male energies. There is always going to be a conflict. Some kids are good at letting it go, some are not. I never had many issues with my dad, but once I went to talk to my father, he said, that ‘I did the best I could do with the knowledge and the upbringing I had. I am sorry. After this, I realized no parent gets trained to be a parent. We have to flow through life”


I hope you enjoyed the podcast.

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