Life Lesson That No One Teaches You

Being optimistic is essential, but toughness is one such thing that no one teaches you.


Knowing the hardships of life is very important. In the seven years of my content creation journey, I have seen a lot of difficulties, hate, and betrayal.


Here are a few tips I learned the hard way and parents don’t tell about. 


Life is not easy

  • The more success you achieve, you will feel more hatred and jealousy around you will keep increasing.
  • People who love you will always cheer for you.
  • True friendships are only till college.
  • After college, people will be friends with you for a reason.


Life Is Unfair

  • No one’s life is perfect.
  • We live in an age where victimhood is encouraged.
  • Replace victimhood with variables. 
  • Mental health is important. Try journaling or take therapy. But stop complaining.


Placements From College May Not Be The Right One

  • It is not about how hard you work. It is about what you work on and who you are working with. 


Work Politics

  • You need to learn work politics to grow.
  • Learn about personality development.
  • Learn to catch people’s lies and predict their next move.


Read the Room

  • Always read the energy of the room.
  • Follow herd mentality at the start.
  • Every year you will learn new things and change your personality. 


Use Your Unfair Advantage In Life

  • Figure out your unique talent.
  • Use that talent to grow in life.
  • Success is not easy, so try to learn skills and improve yourself.


Manage Your Mental Health

  • Meditation helps you with mental stability.
  • Start working on your mental stability because the world is ready to throw challenges at you.



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