Amish Tripathi- On His New Book, Shiva And Shakti and About Why Is It Necessary To Cry?

Amish Tripathi is a renowned author, and his books are loved everywhere. This blog is about the research he has done. We spoke about death, the importance of crying, his books and the power of the divine feminine. 

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Life Without Obstacles?

\"\"“There is a theory that Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, but in many Puranic stories, Lord Ganesh is even the placer of these obstacles. Life is nothing without obstacles. Life has become so privileged that people go into a spiral.”


Does Youth Desire For Dark Content?

“It is a little troubling to see that. There is a desire for dark content. People who have seen struggle like street people in Mumbai, those kids have dreams, and they know they will get out of it whereas people in London, are broken. It is a cycle. You need real problems because they create better people.”


“The things that get you through a difficult time are by having people around you who love you and doing things you love. I am not talking about people on your social media. But the number of people who will die for you without a second thought or people who you will die for are the people you love.”


“Suffering exists for a purpose. Sometimes you can’t handle it.”

The Four Puruṣārtha

“One of the philosophies that our ancestors used to say was to have a good life, you need to follow the four Purusasrtha. In this context, it means energy. First is Artha, which is wealth and power. Second, you need the Kama, and it is not just eroticism. It is all the things that make life beautiful. It can be dancing or singing. The third is dharma. Dharma is something that creates balance. Fourth is Moksha. When you have all four balanced, then your life is good.”


“I have lost many people who I have admired. And I have felt the other side is better, but there is no need to talk about it. But there is nothing to be scared about it. In many cultures, death is just considered deep sleep. As per our ancestors, death is just a recharge time.”


“In Buddhist, Jainism, Hinduism, and Sikhism, Pitralok is where our ancestors go. You feed crows, and nothing new is started during the time of Pitru Paksha. There are different theories. It is all about maintaining a balance. You get moksha when you have balanced out your past Karma. This is one of the theories. In Pitralok, three generations are believed to stay.”

Amish Tripathi On His Books

“All my books are interconnected. I have planned nothing. I kind of see all the universe that I mention in my book while I am writing. In many ways, that parallel universe is more real than our existing world. I can hear them, I can see them.”

Why Crying Is Important?

“Emotions bring out deeper things. I was in a sad phase, and my brother and I were watching T.V. mindlessly. I heard a song, and it had some impact on me so I searched it on my phone. The next day I was out that song was on my recent played songs, and it started playing. I started crying. I cried, and suddenly I had a rush of ideas. It is one of the best things I wrote.”

“We talk about men’s don’t cry, but you should let it flow.”

Purpose Of Life

“The purpose of life is to have a good death. Yamraj is also known as dharma raj. Death and dharma are in one being. It is believed that Yamraj was the first mortal, and he went to Pitralok, so he takes us. Death allows the soul to evaluate and find moksha.”


Shiva And Shakti

 “It is believed that the more powerful divine source is Shakti. Lord Shiva, without the feminine principle, doesn’t have the life force, but the divine feminine needs Lord Shiva for direction and control. They co-exist. It is believed that force is the divine feminine. But we know the story of Goddess Kali who, after killing Raktabija, lost control and started killing the non-asura, and Lord Shiva had to step in.”

\"\"“I am a devotee of Lord Shiva. Somewhere back of my head, I am scared of the Goddess. I have had people I look up to as gurus telling me that I need to explore the Goddess. I can’t explain it, but I feel safe with lord Shiva. My mother is also a firm believer in Goddess, but I still feel a bit of fear.”



“Asuras are shown as demonic, with green skin and horns. But in Purana, some Asuras are good like King Bali, and some asuras are bad. Devas and asuras were brothers at times.”


War Of Lanka

“Lanka is the fourth book of the Rama Chandra series. The first book, Ram- Scion of Ikshvaku was from the birth of Lord Ram to the kidnapping of Sita. Sita- Warrior of Mithila is from her birth to her kidnapping. The third book, Raavan- Enemy of Aryavarta, was from Raavan\’s birth to the kidnapping of Goddess Sita. This fourth series is after the kidnapping of Goddess Sita to the return of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.”

\"\"It was an honor hosting Amish Tripathi.


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