Tips For Looking Sexier

Dressing up in the right outfit can up your fashion game to 10X. Here are a few tips to improve your dressing game.

The most important thing is to focus on the nuances of dressing. Nuances mean details in dressing. If you want to know about it them ready this.

Do not Button up completely


  • When you are in a professional space or a dating circle. Try leaving the topmost button open.
  • Better shave your chest hair.
  • Just keep the top two buttons.
  • Roll up your sleeves, as not everyone can pull off full sleeves shirts.

\"\"Wear Ethnic

  • You can pair ethnic kurtas with jeans, pajamas, or churidars.
  • Focus on dark colors. 
  • Black or simple kurtas always look good.

\"\"Knit Wear

  • Textured shirts especially, woolen shirts, pullovers, or knit t-shirts are sexy. 
  • Knitwear with denim is the perfect outfit. 

\"\"Match your fragrance with your outfit

  • If you are wearing a chill outfit, casuals then go for a fresh fragrance or a sporty deodorant.
  • If you are going on a date, go for a sweeter fragrance.
  • If you are wearing a black outfit, go forward with a masculine fragrance. 

Wear Coloured Outfit

  • Observe well-dressed people in public and on Instagram. 

\"\"Replace Absolute Business Clothes with Business Casuals

  • Before 40, have a causal vibe even in your office outfit.
  • Go for business casual.
  • Slim-fit shirts and chinos are always appreciated.


  • Go for contact lenses if you have thick glasses.
  • Eyewear is great.
  • If you pair it well with the outfit, you can look sexier. 

Be a classic Sexual Man

  • Always pair the black and white t-shirt with jackets.

\"\"Focus on Trends



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