From Shivrai’s Birth to Expanding the Maratha Empire



This blog is all about the time from Shivrai\’s birth to expanding forces.

This is part two of the Shivaji Maharaj three-part episode. 

The last one was a prequel to his birth. This is more about his birth and the beginning of the Maratha power. 


The Birth Of Shivrai

“When Shivrai was born, the Mughals tried to capture the Nazim Shahi empire. Aurangabad was the capital of the Deccan. It was named after Aurangzeb. Nazim Shahi was an Indian descent.”

“From Akbar’s time, the Mughals were trying to capture the Deccan. They wanted to make it a part of the Mughal empire. Their strategy to expand was to add more mansabdars. The war mansabdars were given lands, and the lands in their provisions were already distributed. They could either grow in Afghanistan or the Deccan region.”

“After the defeat of Nazim Shahi, Shahaji Raje was sent to Bangalore as he could not be killed because of his great following of the Maratha people. Pune was devastated under the rule of the Mughals and the Adilshahi forces.”


The Collapse Of Nizam Shahi

“Shahaji kept his wife and Shivrai back in Pune and went to Bangalore. Shahaji fought against Shah Jahan’s forces. Malik Ambar was fighting along with Shahaji Raje. He was brought from Africa. Malik Ambar’s gorilla tactics were amazing. Nazim Shahi collapsed after his death.”


The Capture Of Forts

“Adil Shahi had no Subedar in Pune to take care of Pune. Shivrai had no father figure or someone to report to. He had advisors but had complete freedom.”


“When Shivrai was growing up, he saw dilapidated forts, and he learned that if ten people are there in the fort, you can fight around 1000 people in the foothills. Adilshahi was relaxed, so these forts weren’t maintained. Shivrai understood if he could take over those forts and repair them, he could have a base there.”


“Shivaji Maharaj and his troops started cultivation again. Money started coming in, and Pune became the hub of activities. He got some money and started training people with swords and repairing forts when they were off work.”


“He repaired and took over the fort of Purandar and Sinhagad fort and a few others. Adil Shah realized this and called Shahaji Raje and spoke about Shivrai. But Shivrai didn’t listen.”


“For the first time in history, an independent Jahagirder’s son defeated the Mughals. At the foothills, the sardars of Adil Shahi were defeated, and they ran back. Shivrai knew he could move towards the Konkan area and expand his territory there.”


Afzal Khan

“Afzal Khan was the son of a cook and was looked down upon by many people. He was fighting a lot of insecurities.\”


“Afzal Khan got ten thousand cavalry force, and another twenty thousand joined him from Bijapur to Pune. Pratapgad was acquired by Shivrai. Konkan was at his grasp. His force was increasing.”

“Afzal Khan hated Shahaji Raje, and he even wanted Javali valley that Shivrai had acquired. Saibai was ill, but Shivrai had to leave as Afzal Khan was coming toward Pratapgad. With a lot of diplomacy and talks, Afzal Khan comes with half his military near the Koyna river. When Afzal Khan and Shivaji meet, Shivrai kills him with the tiger claws.”

Shivrai’s Vision

“His vision developed with time. He wanted independence. Shivrai’s vision was not to outsource the army. Shivrai saw a flaw in the Jahagirdari sysytem. He created a system similar to the ranking of our current army.”

“Shivrai’s vision was that the army should have a chain of command and be paid by him. The second was nothing would be hereditary. The money wasn’t paid on time to the people, so he changed that system. Shivrai started military law. No one was supposed to misbehave in the enemy\’s territory. The fourth vision of Shivrai was to stop the slave trade.”


“Our history is much better than Game of Thrones. This is reality.”


Just going to end it here by saying stay tuned for the final episode of Shivrai.


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