An Ultimate Guide To Fat Loss

Fat Loss has been of major concern for many people. With the increase in packaged food and addictive sweets, the problem of obesity is increasing. This blog is the ultimate guide for fat loss.

When Kris Gethin came for the podcast first time, we recorded an epic episode. 

This one is a detailed episode on fat loss. We broke down a lot of concepts. Kris Gethin gave us a fantastic episode. I hope you guys enjoy reading this.

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Why Does It Take Time To Lose Weight?

“Whatever you put in, you will get it out. Put in the effort. It takes a bit of time to pick up fat loss and get away from addictive foods.”

“I don’t look at the nutrition, to begin. I look at their lifestyle. Are they under a lot of stress? Or are they getting enough sleep? Are they drinking enough water? Then I move on to their nutritional profile.”


Kris Gethin’s Fat Loss Diet

“I get people on a fat loss to eat 5-6 meals daily to maintain their blood sugar level stable. Obesity clients usually have two meals a day. They miss breakfast, and they have a heavy lunch and dinner. They tend to overeat and justify it by being hungry for a long time.”


Spike In Blood Sugar Level

“When you overeat carbohydrates or sugar, you will have a sudden spike of blood sugar, and then there is a crash. The crash is the problem. When there is a spike, your body assimilates all the carbohydrates, spills them out into the bloodstream, and stores them as fats in your body. “

“When there is a dip, your energy level is low, and you crave as you are trying to stabilize it.”


“When you have good quality food and smaller meals split, then you won’t have the overload of sugar and have the dips.”


Different Body Types

“Some people can digest starch quietly while some can’t. Simple carbs are fruits like bananas, but when trying to burn fat, maybe you need to stop it as you need to burn out body fat and not sugar. Honey is also healthy, but it is sugar. People get healthy eating mixed with fat loss.”

“Complex carbs are rice, potatoes, oats, quinoa. Everybody digests rice differently. A lot of Asian digest rice well and do not get a sugar spike, but sweet potatoes may spike the level. A boiled potato can give you an instant spike. If you bake a potato, you get more spike, whereas a boiled one might reduce it a little. If you have a spike, you might get a high dip following. But when you pair it with protein or fiber, it prevents the dip, and you don\’t have the craving.”

“If you have protein before the carbohydrates, it is good. Try to avoid carbs over carbs. You are doing a good thing by eating carbs at the end of your meal, as you will get fewer carbs spike. But there would be a spike if you eat carbs before proteins.”



“Inflammation can cause arthritis. You won’t be as active. By consuming food that inflames you, we are not assimilating the food as well as we could.”

“The biggest war we are dealing with is with the war with ourselves because of the food industries. It is all about marketing. People advertise cereals to be healthy, but it contains sugar. When you look at the ingredients at the back of the product and exceed ten, there should be some alarm.”


Active Lifestyle

“It is not only about going out to a gym. You can be active at home. Maybe after a meal, you can go for a walk or maybe do sit-ups. I have a treadmill desk. If I have a podcast, I walk on it, and podcasts go on for an hour.”


“People over-consume in America. In Las Vegas, there are buffet restaurants, and people are huge there. People usually search for fun food and not functional food. Forget fun because it won’t be fun later.”


Sugar And Artificial Sweeteners

“I keep packs of stevia as it doesn’t give a spike in blood sugar level but also gives you the satisfaction of the sweetness. Stevia is from a plant like sugarcane, and it is sweeter than sugar, but it doesn’t give you that blood sugar spike. Stevia prevents the craving, and a replacement satisfies a lot of people.” 

“Sugar is bad, but sweeteners in overconsumption are bad as well. It is toxic overload. The body doesn’t recognize it. The body doesn’t know what to do with it. So it is thrown outside the bloodstream between the bloodstream and the fat stores. Getting the fat into the bloodstream is difficult because of the toxic overload.”

“Anything in balance is okay. It is difficult for some people to exclude it.”

Gut Health

“Gut is your stomach. It is an eco-system where you need healthy bacteria to keep your immune system strong, produce hormones, and help you with digestion. But if you have inflammation, artificial sweeteners, or bad food, you have an irregularity in your guts. Your body won’t be able to produce the hormone to be healthy. Many people deal with mental health issues, which can also be linked to gut issues.”


“Sugar is terrible for your gut health. Vegetable oil is also inflammatory for your gut. Those are the things to stay away from. You should consume food with pre-biotics, like green vegetables, Greek yogurt, or curd. Fermented food is good.”


“For fibers, you need to consume vegetables. In Western countries, people consume organs. In India, people can consume more leafy vegetables.”

Resistance Training

“In fat loss, we usually think of the energy output and the sacrifice concerning the food. But it leads to stress. The body finds it difficult to burn when under stress. Resistance training can help you burn fat. But if you are not sleeping enough or are stressed, it would be difficult to lose fat.”


“As we become older, we lose bone density. Resistance training will help you with bone density. It can be as basic as walking lunges or sit-ups.”



“Veganism works for some people. I have clients who are vegetarian and vegan. With vegans, it is ‌difficult to get that result. You should do whatever works for you. If you are an active individual, you need more protein. People can achieve an athletic body even with vegetarian food.”

That was a blog with Kris Gethin. I enjoy podcasting with him. 


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