My Spiritual Learnings

We have done videos across various genres like motivation, money-oriented success, and relationship advice.

Many people question how you can be genuinely spiritual when you talk about materialist growth.

People like Steve Jobs and A.R. Rahaman also talk about how spiritual practice has helped them in their careers.

These are the learning from my spiritual journey. The core of my success is spirituality.


Shiva is a dimension beyond human understanding. A human being understands three dimensions. Time is the fourth dimension. And the dimensions beyond the fourth dimension are called the Shiva dimension in our culture. 

AdiYogi used Yoga and attained the Shiva dimension, and he is known as Lord Shankar.

I am just putting forth the knowledge I have gained over the years.

Hindu Culture

India doesn’t have one religion. Hindu religion is a western concept. The Britishers referred to us as Hindus as everyone was following similar traditions.

There are different philosophies in Hindu Culture. 

All the philosophies talk about Moksha. Moksha is attained when you live various lives as a good person, but through yogic tradition, you can attain moksha through meditation and yoga.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

I have spoken about a lot of this in my videos. Western scientists are also researching how yoga is beneficial. 

You need to do it to know the benefits of it. It helps you focus.

Is Meditation Boring?

Breaks might seem boring when you are in college. But you value those 20-30 mins breaks a lot when you are working.

When you start meditating you might not be able to focus, or maybe there would be a rush of negative thoughts. You would have uncomfortable thoughts, and you might cry, but after that, you can experience true meditation.

Basic Of Meditation

Meditation is not just being mindful. Meditation is where your eyes are closed, and you are looking inside. 

Start with focus-oriented meditation.

You might have random thoughts but keep pulling yourself back.

Deep clarity

If you are a creative person you will value silence more.

Moments of silence can help you to reflect on your current mindset.

In moments of overthinking, sit silently and write down your thoughts.


There are three states of human consciousness: The waking state, the dream state, and the causal state. 

The fourth state mentioned in Yogi philosophy is the Turiya state. When you meditate and pray to God or chant OM you go into a Turiya state. 

Meditation will help you reach the Turiya state.

The important lesson I have learned is

  1. True knowledge is knowing that you know nothing.
  2. Do not reject things just because they don’t have scientific research to back them.

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