Truth Behind The Dinosaur Age & Ultimate Human Evolution

Did man and dinosaurs exist in the same time frame? Was the dinosaur the old gigantic animal?

Many such secrets were revealed by Mr. Abhijit Chavda.

Having Abhijit Chavda on The Ranveer Show is always a pleasure. The amount of knowledge that he withholds is just incredible.


Ancestors Of Dinosaurs

“The ancestors of dinosaurs would be proto-reptiles. Dinosaurs were giant reptiles or birds. Their ancestors might be fish.”

“As far as we know, the oldest unambiguous evidence of life dates back to 3.77 Billion years before today. It was a unicellular life. And it progressed.”



“Every living being carries DNA. It is the blueprint of life. This is the biological purpose of life to pass on the DNA. When the first life was formed, it had DNA. But we don’t have an answer to where it comes from. It is a big mystery.”



“The dinosaur age was interesting. They might have to be massive and small as well. I believe most of them were small. Most of them had feathers. There were snakes and undersea reptiles. It was an interesting period. Many would have been lost to the fossil record as it can only preserve hard parts of animals. Evidence of jellyfish, sludge, or snail without a shell was not found. Plants would also be different. during that time.”

\"\"“I was fascinated with dinosaurs even before Jurassic Park. It was the closest thing we could come to dragons mentioned in mythology. Kids live in a fantasy world, so dinosaurs caught my imagination and how exotic and massive they were.”


Our Ancestors

“Our ancestors were rat-like creatures. About 20 Million years ago today, we emerged as ape-like. Maybe a million years ago that something special started happening. We started walking upright because of which our eyes needed to shift in front, then we developed a large brain. Many dinosaurs were bipedal and might have had their eyes in front. There might be some dinosaurs that would be like us. Maybe it all sank under the surface, so we won’t find any trace of it.”


Ice Age

“We are passing an ice age. Around twenty thousand years ago was the last glacial period. After that, the temperature slowly started increasing, but around eleven thousand years ago, there was a sudden decrease in temperature. This idea was rejected previously. But there is circumstantial evidence that the younger dryer impact hypothesis is correct.”


Aliens And The Life Of Modern Species

“There is no way of knowing exactly when the previous ancestor species ended and the modern species start. The fossil record is fragmentary.”

“It is possible that someone might have come from outside and intervened in some manner and modified something about the humans in some way. But there is no evidence of it. It is always worthwhile to explore such a possibility.”


Hindu Philosophy & Various Mysteries

“The ancient Hindu philosophy fascinates me, but I wonder what it means. Our ancients explored the inner universe. They believed that the external universe is connected to the internal universe. The nerve structure of the brain is similar to the large-scale filamentary structure of the galactic superclusters of the universe. Maybe our consciousness is a manifestation of the overall super-consciousness of the universe. We don’t have the evidence, but it is possible.”

“There are so many mysteries. We don’t know how our ancients built a proper metropolitan city ten thousand years ago. There are ancient temples on the coast of Tamil Nadu. We don’t know when it was built. The old Madhurai disappeared into the ocean. The oldest evidence of agriculture that we see on the Indian subcontinent was found in Sri Lanka, which was connected to India physically. A mystery surrounds the whole of Africa. They had an incredibly rich history. The native Australians have 10% of Indian genetics, so how did they travel all the way there? There are many histories.”



\"\"“The largest animal that we know is the blue whale. It evolved this large as there was a very large supply of plankton in the ocean. So megafauna developed when there was an incredible plentitude of whatever food they ate. Our ancestors did exist with a few megafaunas. We hunted Mammoths to extinction.”

\"\"Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial intelligence is confusing from the perspective of science, especially when it comes to consciousness. We don’t have a clear definition of consciousness. It is hard to determine the characteristics of consciousness. An A.I. chatbot has passed certain imitation games, but we can’t say it\’s conscious.”

Human Emotions

“Emotions could come from a bunch of hormones, hopes, and aspirations. It can be fear or pain. Your response to stimuli is based on what you observe externally. AI can mimic emotions, but we don’t know if it can feel.”


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