Satanism, Demons & Kundalini Jagran – Dark Tantra Explained

TRS all-star Rajarshi Nandy is back on The Ranveer Show discussing about Kundalini, the astral body, dark energies, etc.

The first episode that we recorded with Rajarshi Nandy was where we discussed the basics of tantra and the occult. Make sure to watch that one as well.

Shri Rajarshi Nandy is a Sadhaka par excellence and an adherent of the Sanatan Dharma. He is a speaker, columnist, and author of Hindu spiritual practices. He has co-authored a paper named \”Tantra and Modern Neuroscience: Is there any co-relation?\” which was published in Neurology India magazine. Based on experiences and interactions with different Yogis and Sadhaks, the book also contains an exploration of some common and uncommon deities from various branches of Hinduism.

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Existence Of a Higher Being

“Just like there are billions of people on the physical plane, there are various planes with numerous beings. They would be different from us. For me, it is like asking me does gravity exists. Denial is also not good.”


Astral Body

“We exist in a physical body, but our astral body is also active all the time. Astral is something that is above the physical plane. In the astral world, you don’t have a physical body, but you have an image of the astral body. The emotional body is your portal to the astral body. The astral world consists of negative beings as well.”



“Kundalini is a divine energy that hides in every individual. But for 99.99% of people, it is in a sleep state. As long as it is sleeping, you are functioning as an integrated individual. Whatever spiritual practice you do, it awakes this, but not consciously. After awakening, the power will start rising as it passes from one realm to another. When it opens up, you need solid guidance. Everything will change as you go through your normal life. Your experience and perspective would change. Your access to the astral world becomes stronger. To handle this, you need a powerful guru.”


“The conscious aim should not be to awaken it. It is tremendously powerful. Your consciousness aim should be to connect to the devata.”


“When kundalini arises way before you are ready, it can be dangerous. It can make you fall into the worst condition. It can even be awakened by accident. It only happens when it is triggered. It is difficult when something like this happens as a new portal opens and you see things. In a single lifetime, it doesn\’t arise. There might be certain activities you might have practiced in your other lifetime.”


About Kantara

“There is something in the last 15-20 mins of the movie which is beyond acting. It is something where a deity enters into an individual. This phenomenon happens all around India. For us, possession can be a divine thing. The highest form is when you have a deity present in you. In the last part of the movie, it cannot be acted.”

\"\"“I read some interviews where the actor had stopped eating non-veg food 20 days before, and in the last few days, he survived on coconut water. He even had help from people who are advanced practitioners on that path. So the last scene hits you. If you are a believer, you will know it.”


“There is some shift happening as if some old gods are waking up. The kind of reaction this movie had was like a cult following. You can be a genius, but still, no movie can be this famous. It left an impression on people’s minds.”

Dark Energy

“There is always going to be good and bad. You need to know that evil does bad things because it is its dharma. This evil behaves a certain way, and there is no doubt that as Kaliyuga progresses, the dark energies will manifest themselves.”

Distraction In Your Spiritual Practices 

“When you have made a promise to the deity that you will practice this for a certain period of the month, and you are practicing is going very well. You suddenly meet someone to whom you are attracted, and you break your celibacy that was required to be practiced, then you may not get the results of your practice. It depends on the situation. If you are married, the case is different. You even adapt to certain qualities of the deities.”


What Is Tantra?

“Tantra is practicing and praying to God, and it is not similar to black magic. In Hindu dharma, there are negative entities like spirits. They are destructive to the power beyond infinity. Then there are Asuras whose spiritual worshiping capacity is beyond humans. They worship gods like Shiva or Shakti who have great power, attain power, and do negative things.\”


Burari Murder Case

\”In the Burari murder case, they claimed that one of their ancestors started visiting them and suggesting things. They followed the suggestion and started making great progress. It went on for two years. One day an ancestor said that you just tie a rope around your neck and jump. You won\’t die, you will be reborn, and magical things will happen. They did that, and they died. The dark spirits can shapeshift, so their ancestor could have been some spirit who took that form.\”


What Is Causal Body?

\”Causal body is detached from your astral body. The positive and the negative don\’t exist in the causal world. It is a world beyond imagination.\”


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