Kris Gethin – Hrithik’s Trainer On Protein Shakes, Bad Supplements & Muscle Gain

Kris Gethin is one of Bollywood\’s most recognized fitness trainers. He is someone who has been training Bollywood actors for over a decade. His topmost client has been Hrithik Roshan & John Abraham, whom he trained at the beginning for the movies – \’Krish\’, \’Shootout At Wadala\’ & \’Force\’.

Today the fitness or health quotient in India has changed. People are focused on being healthier, and often question how to be healthy or how to be fit.


In this blog, we discussed supplements and multivitamins and their importance. 

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Protein Shakes

“When it comes to protein, people assume it is some kind of performance enhancement steroid. Proteins are extracted from dairy without fats and lactose. You just need to be sure it is not from some black market. Anyone above the age of 18 can have and focus on nutrition.”


Importance Of Protein Shake

“It is more convenient with the protein shake to get more protein. Protein shakes just make it easier and helps your muscle repair. The requirement depends on how hard you train on a particular day.”


Myths About Protein Shake

“There is no truth that it affects your organs. Protein will be digested easier than any other fruit.”


Importance Of Staying Hydrated

“Body is made up of 70% water. So if you don’t fill the body with sufficient water, the body and brain will not function properly. The amount of water depends on how much you sweat.”


Important Supplements

“Branched-chain amino acids can provide muscle energy. Glutamine will prevent atrophy which is when you are working hard. Glutamine should be taken before and after the workout. I usually have branched-chain amino acids during the workout. Creatine should be taken before and after the workout, and a protein shakes after the workout.”


Workout routine

“When it comes to a smaller muscle group like shoulders, which can last for 30-40 mins. But for larger muscle groups, you could go for an hour or so of workout. I usually would train people for an hour.”

\"\"“It is usually an individual base. You don’t have to always rely on science. It should just work on your body. Branch chain amino acids can prevent muscle atrophy and provide muscle energy. It worked better when I started with a lot of endurance-based sports. I would suggest it to people working hard and above eighteen.”


HIIT Workout

“When you are doing a calorie output-based exercise, you not only burn the fat when you are doing the cardio but throughout the day. Your metabolism is kick-started because of the cardiovascular exercises. Doing more cardio will help you recover soon, as you get a good blood flow throughout your body.”


Importance Of Creatine

“For an average person, creatine is not needed. But if you are an active individual, trying to be your best or playing a sport, take it. Creatine is the most studied supplement, so it is safe. It is all about being hydrated. Only a few people won’t react well to creatine. It will help you gain more strength.”


Fat Burners

“You get a lot of fat burners, full of caffeine which will give you a buzz, but that is it. You need to look for ingredients that can help you with stability. Chromium and berberine help you with blood sugar stability. You should look for ingredients that could help with craving or thermogenesis. But if you are eating junk, no fat burner will help you.”


Workout for losing Fat

“I would suggest people double cardio. If a person is weight training in the morning, straight after that, they would be having a protein shake and then heading towards cardio. Eat clean throughout the day, stay hydrated and manage your stress. And then you can do one more cardio session in the evening. It would be for five times a week.”


Importance Of Mindfulness

“I try to get all my clients to meditate. The body must rest and get quality sleep. The stress and lack of sleep lead to higher cortisol levels. You need to focus on the muscle you are working. You should be mindful while working out and while eating.”


“A lot of the time, the foods are not enough to provide you with vitamins and minerals. The soil differs now. So maybe the orange that your grandfather ate had more vitamin C than what we are consuming today. So you need to consume multivitamins, but I would suggest going for an organic one.”


Hope to have more such conversations that provide knowledge about health and fitness. 

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