Rajarshi Nandy Sharing His Experience And Knowledge About Bhootas, Pretas and Asuras

Shri Rajarshi Nandy is a Sadhaka par excellence and an adherent of the Sanatan Dharma. He is a speaker, columnist, and author of Hindu spiritual practices. He has co-authored a paper named \”Tantra and Modern Neuroscience:  Is there any co-relation?\” which was published in Neurology India magazine. 

 Based on experiences and interactions with different Yogis and Sadhaks, the book also contains an exploration of some common and uncommon deities from various branches of Hinduism.

This conversation with Rajarshi sir is the final episode of our tantra trilogy. 


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My intention with these topics is to educate you about tantra.


Ghost Encounter

“Eventually, somewhere or the other, you will cross paths with higher beings who are harmful. Once I was doing my practice, I suddenly started feeling heavy with strange thoughts of suicide and murder. I started having violent dreams of death and destruction. It continued for two days. After the third day, I felt it was not my thought. I know myself, and I know the standard pattern of my thought. I couldn’t meditate. On the third day, I started Maa Tara\’s mantra chanting and a fire ritual for Maa Tara. After some time of this practice, I started seeing things from a different perspective.”


“I saw two entities. It was human, yet the vibe was negative. At that time, I didn’t have any idea who these entities were. I figured out that all the negative thoughts I had were because of these entities.”

\"\"Why Do Negative Entities Exist?

“There are entities whose dharma is to disturb your practice. They feed on that. Some entities will come only when you are doing these practices. In Ramayana, there is a story about Asuras disturbing the Yajna. So rishi Viswamitra calls young Rama to help them and protect the Yajna.”


When Did Rajarshi Become A Practitioner?

“I was an average engineering student with no interest in this practice. Once I had an experience where I was in a Durga pooja, and suddenly for a few seconds, my mind entered a zone. Normally, during Durga pooja, there is a lot of noise, but for those few seconds, I felt everything stopped, and I could see the deity. It just felt real, and I can’t describe it. Then I thought it is just a delusion.”


“Seven days later, I visited a friend, and his uncle called him, and he said to me, I am coming to Bangalore, so let\’s meet. I met him after a few days, and he said some things that no way he could know about me. He even predicted certain things. He gave me some mantras to chant.”


“For a year, I chanted, but nothing happened. So I called him one day and said nothing was happening. Then he told me to make a promise to the deity, and I did that for 40 days. On the forty-first day, I was sleeping, and in the middle of the night, I got up and saw a deity present. I was scared when I saw it. I couldn’t sleep. My practice became more intense after this incident.”



“Bhoota is the discarnate entity. They don’t have a physical body, yet they have human qualities like hunger and lust. They cannot understand that they are not on the physical plane. They want you to notice, as they might be stuck because of their unfulfilled desires. This is the reason we have Pind Daan.”


Power of Hanuman Chalisa

“Lord Hanuman is believed to be immortal. So he is believed to respond faster to prayers. That is why Hanuman Chalisa is so powerful. Many practices involve the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa. If you chant Hanuman Chalisa with pure devotion and faith, follow celibacy, offer some food to lord Hanuma, and chant the name of Lord Rama, you will see some transformation within 40 days.”



“Pretas are much scarier. They could have been formally human beings. They have very negative energies and could have been criminals or had a very violent death. There are specific rituals to be done by the family to calm down the preta, or else they can cause troubles like disease or bring obstacles in your work.”


Rakshas And Asuras

 “Rakshas won’t be incarnated on this plane. They are powerful, not as powerful as Asuras. You can’t argue with Asura. He is a master of knowledge. They believe in the divine and are exceptional practitioners. They want to build a legacy. And in our tradition, whoever is killed by god is liberated.”


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