A Cyber World War Is Coming – Rajiv Malhotra Returns

Very honored to bring back Mr. Rajiv Malhotra on The Ranveer Show. He is one of the best conversationalists we’ve had on the podcast. He is a renowned computer scientist, who has spent the last 50 years in the U.S.A., studying & researching topics like AI, Computers, Geo-Politics, & Ancient Indian Scriptures. He is also an Indian-American activist, author, and speaker who raises voices on issues for the nation. His recent book: “Snakes in the Ganga” link: https://bit.ly/3JOkIjI

We haven’t done a geopolitical special in a long time because I was waiting for today’s guest. 

We had done a podcast with him in the past. Make sure to check that as well.

Power Of AI

“I try to usually build a model which could be for producing and forecasting. When you understand the behavior of people and society, you can predict a lot. Some of the things that I had predicted did happen. I studied AI, and at that time, AI was basic. AI has come a long way. It has surpassed our expectations.”

  “My concern is the AI would wipe out many jobs. And the country that wins AI will conquer other countries. China may do that. Whoever colonizes will take over the economy and make people slaves. This colonization will start by 2030. USA and China are in the race for this.”

“In the industrial revolution, Britain mechanized the factories with electricity and steam engine. France came in later. This way, Britishers were able to compete against any manufacturing society. Indians become labor and market for their goods. Now AI and robots will take over and be controlled by rich and powerful men. Companies like Google will be like the East India Company. China didn’t give power to these people and tried making their social media platform. We should be building our platforms. India is behind when it comes to strategic R&D.”

“Indians should create the new startup giants and keep the ownerships with us rather than selling it to US professionals. Indian industrialists should fund the IITs to create such startups.”


“The ideas that we are taught are the British learning. Our social experiences are different from their experiences. We need to create our social ministry.”

“I think, nationally the government will be secured. The way India has located works in our favor. We have to capitalize on that. India has a connection with other nations through sea routes. India is kind of in the way of China. India is a politically and militarily important country. The overall geopolitical situation will depend on the competition between US and China.”

About His Book

“The book ‘Snakes In The Ganga’ is like saying where you expect safety, they are a chance of danger. Indian students go abroad to study Indian history.  My concern is, why are you going abroad to study this? See these things from a western lens?”

“We have exposed many big people who fund such education. It also talks of how the elites of India are brainwashed. The Indian government made the quota system based on the idealogy of the whites. They base their ideology on their experience of white and black people. But the experience in India is different. The ideology should be based on individual needs.”

Next PM

“I feel younger people should be able to run the country. Their life is in the stack in terms of policies. After Modiji, I would like to see a fresh face.  Someone who is well-educated and has good technical knowledge. Rather than depending on someone else.”

US VS China

“I disagree with Trump on many policies, but one thing he did good is call out China’s bluff. China became Anti America with American money. China believes it is too late for America to press the breaks because they are dependent on China. China learned the technology from Apple and its building competitors.”

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