Rajarshi Nandy (Tantric Expert) – Explains Tantric S*x In Detail

All of our episodes with Rajarshi Nandy have been super hits. Our TRS All-Star is back again, and it’s just the beginning. A “TRS all-star” is a term my team and I are incredibly cautious of using as said in the introduction of the video, Rajarshi Nandy was a guest whom I can vouch for. In this stellar episode of The Ranveer Show, we spoke about ALL of Tantric Sex, from its origins, process, practice, and real benefits. Rajarshi Nandy is someone who has an ocean of knowledge and experience, the stories and experiences shared on this podcast are truly incredible.

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This blog is about tantric sex. When people hear the word tantra, a lot of people associate it with sex. Tantra is a set of practices or techniques originating from the sub-continent. Tantra is meant for your spiritual advancement.



“Tantra is a wide range of methods of worship to the deity. It is not about sex, meat, or alcohol. These could help you, but they are not the goal. The goal is to succeed in the practice of the deity. Each god is a deity. We believe in various gods. Tantra relates to more of worship of Shakti.”



“In Hinduism, we have Parabrahma. But the difference is that Parabrahma is neutral. We never made a temple or practices to worship him. You can worship the deity, and the deity embodies the power of Brahma. A sanyasi worships him to have a neural perspective of the world.”


Tantric Sex

“The whole concept of tantric sex comes in the left half path. In the left-hand path, you offer meat, alcohol, fish, mudra, and sex. These practices happen at a higher level of tantra. This process aims to worship the deity and not for personal pleasure. Sex is one part of it. There is a process to it. There are certain mantras to be chanted which are given by the guru.”


“In tantric sex, both partners need to be initiated into the process by a guru. Then they should be chanting the mantra throughout the process. They are supposed to sit in certain postures. And sometimes these chanting can go for half an hour as well.”


“All these processes are mentioned in the text. Through the mantra sadhana, you develop an intuitive ability to know what kind of result you will attain. You imbibe the karma of people through sex. If everything goes through the process, it doubles your power.”


“For the sadhna to work, it should be done with a sense of sacredness and not for enjoyment. It is not some random action. It is worship. There needs to be a sense of liberation.”



“Yes, semen retention can help your yogic practice. But the goal shouldn’t be that everything will work only by following celibacy. The four goals of life which need to be followed are dharma, artha, kama, and moksha. My viewpoint on celibacy is not to force it but follows decorum. You should have an idea of how much to indulge and how much you shouldn’t. Like in our ancient text, a married man having a physical relationship with his wife is also celibacy.”

“Celibacy has power as well. It helps to build power inside you. But you will see a tremendous rise of lust and anger in you. For this, the role of the guru is important. Celibacy comes naturally. After a certain point of time, your lust would set down.”



“There is a famous story of Lord Shiva destroying Kama deva. Lord Shiva is once in a deep meditation. But there was an asur who needed to be destroyed, and only Lord Shiva’s son could destroy him. But Lord Shiva was in meditation. So Kama deva is bought and requested to do something. So the story says that he fires arrows which could arise desire or lust. Lord Shiva got hit by that arrow, and his third eye opens and burns Lord Kama into ashes. Desire is the glue that runs this world. Goddess Paravati requests Lord Shiva to do something. Lord Kama was revived without a physical body. Because he doesn’t have a physical form, he can enter from anyway and can’t be destroyed.”


“This comes to us through this story. You follow discipline, and the feeling of lust can go.”


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