Master Yogi’s Spiritual Secrets – Sri M Returns

Honored to bring back Sri M on The Ranveer Show. Sri M is an Indian Yogi, spiritual guide, social reformer, and educationist. He is the disciple of Sri Maheshwarnath Babaji, who was a disciple of Mahavatar Babaji. Sri M, also known as Sri Madhukarnath Ji. He received the Padma Bhushan, in 2020 He has profoundly impacted my family’s spiritual path, truly a blessing for all my family, my team, and myself.

Sri M always gives us epic content. The last conversation with him has been the most viewed episode on TRS. If you love spiritual conversations, then you are going to love this.

Importance Of Guru

“It is not dangerous, but you will wander without a guru. If you go on the internet, there are many gurus, but you need to follow one path of sadhana. I met many teachers. But I was lucky enough to find my guru at the right time. I was guided by him. I derived a lot of goodness from him. There are many paths because spirituality is vast, and there is no right or wrong.”


“I do believe there is some kind of destiny. Many people get these plans but don’t put in enough effort. We need to take advantage of an opportunity. There are two ways of looking at a situation. It might not work because you haven’t put in enough effort or aren’t destined for it.”

“One of the businessmen I met said this sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down. But the person who decides to rise from the low will be successful. But luck also plays an important role.”

Past Life

“It takes many lives for you to attain your spiritual understanding. There is a link from your past life. Some people reach this point early in their life, while some reach it later. I was born as a female in one of my life around Lord Krishna’s time.”


“Your heart doesn’t become stone when you are inclined spiritually. It becomes more sensitive. The attachment might not be there, but you can fall in love. You are not completely dependent on someone.”

His Spiritual Journey

“I was meditating in my way from the age of eight. After the day Babaji kept his hand on my head, things changed. In a spiritual journey, everything is hard work. I started with half an hour of meditation. I reached a point where I was meditating for 6 hours. It was 3 hours of Kriya followed by three hours of silence. I traveled a lot with Babaji. I met many sadhus with incredible powers, but Babaji always told me to not get distracted by this. He always said to meditate deeper, go inside.”

Natural Calamities

“I have a feeling that people seeing the floods, earthquakes, rising sea level, etc. had made people think that there is something more to this. All the disasters are pointing to saying that there is something powerful that can’t be destroyed or created. But the positive thing here is the young generation will move towards goodness.”

World War

“Luckily, world war won’t be allowed because if there is a world war, it would be nuclear war which no one wants. So I don’t think it will happen, but the situation would look like it. “

Thoughts On New Generation

“Some souls of people born now or being born are matured souls. Their IQ is much better, and it is a good science. It means we are evolving. I have a grandson who is two years old, and I know he will soon start asking me these questions. I mean a young girl yesterday who was four years old, and she was telling her mother to meditate. Some people of the new generation watch dark content, and some are inclined toward spirituality. So I think there is a balance.”

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  1. damn man science holds hands with spirituality and its fun man fr, we are just a dust in the vast universe but its fun to live, just had an kundalini awakening as a 17 year old but idk if its kundalini but man god damn i can feel the pran in me

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