ISRO Scientist On UFOs, Aliens, Multiverses & More

We have with us an Ex-Scientist ISRO, Jijith Nadumuri Ravi. He spoke about various scientific concepts including time travel, UFOs, and alien life. He explains that while time travel to the future is theoretically possible, the technology to send humans into the future does not exist. He also explains that time travel to the future is theoretically possible, but the technology to send humans into the future does not exist yet.

In this episode. he touches, He also touches on the possibility of alien life and discusses the likelihood of finding life in our solar system. Hope you enjoy this mind-bending episode.

I had been looking for this conversation for a long time. If you enjoy an alternative conversation backed up with science, then you will love this conversation. 

About ISRO

“ISRO is a government organization. It has caught the eyes of many youths. It may be because of the way launches are happening and the kind of achievement that we have had in the last decade. It has an aura of itself. It can captivate the mind of the youth.”

“In ISRO, the primary focus is launching of the vehicles. The launch vehicle has a satellite that has sensors that explore the planet and the moon. Then there are applications of this.” 


“I do believe in Aliens. Many people think that the concept of aliens is in a paranormal realm or friction. But based on science, Earth is rotating around the Sun. And we know there are many such stars and billions of galaxies in the universe. There is a low probability that we are the only intelligent species in the universe.”

“There are two groups of people one who says aliens exist, and the second is who don’t. Based on my knowledge, I would say there are aliens present even on Earth. The current theory is that around 13-14 million years ago, the universe expanded. So the sun might be the second or third-generation star. So there would be some planets that would have more technological advancement.”


“Mars has a habitable environment. It has more similar sky and day. It has a good climate. Mars and the moon both can be habited. Moon is close to our proximity. It is not habitable, but things can transfer things because of its closeness. There is an asteroidal belt after Mars where there is a dwarf planet that could be habitable. So dwarf planets can also sustain human life. There are many minerals also which make it habitable.”

Time Leakage

“There is a chapter in Mahabharata where there is a mention of the universe. There are theories connected with higher technology. There is a mention of vimanas as well. I look at all these possibilities. There is a possibility of time leakage. There is a chance that someone from the 23rd century went into the Mahabharata time and might have introduced various technology. We believe technology grows incrementally. So technology can be leaked into the past. All of this is a possible theory.”

Fourth Dimension

“There can be fourth dimensions, and you might have a body like a snake. You can see the start of life from a single zygote to your dead body. It means you can travel to the past or future. Stephen Hawking introduced a lot of concepts about time travel. We have a theory of the multiverse. ISRO is not trying time travel, but many organizations are trying it. We don’t have enough technology to send a human to the future, but we are trying to send information. Currently, we don’t have any device like that but in near future, we might have something.”

Future Projects

“Currently, we are working on sending a human into space. Of course, NASA has done this, but we are excited to do this. We are designing a capsule for the same. I met APJ Abdul Kalam also for one of my projects. A lot of things that they did inspires us even today. ISRO is the lowest-budget kind of space launching organization, and he is a motivator for that. We are working on a Chandrayan 2 retake also. Last time we couldn’t land but entered the orbit and got many details. One more project that is going on is Magalyan 2, which would be landing on Mars. Then we are even planning to send satellites and learn more about Venus. All plans will take over a decade.”

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