Abhijit Chavda UNFILTERED: Understanding AI, Geopolitics & Future

He is a Theoretical Physicist, Technologist, History & Geopolitics researcher, and writer. Besides these, he is also a Public Speaker, a Youtuber, and widely influential on Twitter for his tweets. He is so knowledgeable that the world can call him a polymath for his broad knowledge. His YouTube channel link:    / abhijitchavda 

He discusses the intersection of science, history, geopolitics, and technology. He shares his passion for space exploration and his desire to keep learning and broadening his perspectives. They also discuss the potential impact of AI and the importance of keeping up with emerging knowledge. As I ask for Chavda sir’s opinion on which Indian celebrity should lead the country and suggests Mahindra as a possible candidate.

I am grateful to Abhijit Chavda, as this podcast has grown a lot because of him. He is a ferocious communicator, and you all enjoy conversations with him. So I will let you dive deep into this conversation.

Fascination with Space

“I have always been obscured about AI. I am eager to know how it works and the impact it will have on society. I am like a kid who wants to explore and learn. And space exploration has always fascinated me.”

“We have known that something is out there in space, but we got information only after a missile was sent with the camera. After that, the space race started, and now India is also a part of this. It is all about getting resources and knowing what is out there. Now people are trying to explore the moon Water and an isotope of Helium is available on the moon, which is a good fuel for fusion reactors.”

“The isotope for helium can power a country like India for a few weeks. So that’s what is going to be a big deal. Eventually, people will claim territory on the moon. SpaceX is a big player, and the testing will start soon. They might start with small settlements there.”


“There is a lot of research done about anti-aging science. We know aging is caused by the shortening of telomeres on the ends of chromosomes. We might be at the age where we can stop the shortening. But mentally, you will age as you gain new perspectives, but physically you might change. So anti-aging might not solve problems like Alzheimer’s, dementia, or Parkinson’s. The brain is the least understood organ.”

Developing Technology

“Crispr interested me a lot. But we are still far away from curing cancer cells by nanobots. We are microscopic robots, but there is a lot of work to happen so that they only kill the bad cells, not the good ones. We might be a decade away from such technology. Eventually, we might be able to grow 3d printer organs with your genetics.”

“When you take in certain substances from the air or maybe you smoke, it creates free radicals. Blood contains neutrally charged components. But when you take in such substances, it causes damage to the lungs and causes something called free radicals. These are negatively or positively charged ions in your bloodstream. It might cause damage at the genetic level and also cause cancer.”

Growth Of AI

“AI is a boon. The AI is getting better faster. We are seeing exponential growth. And there could be a more progressed technology that we might not even know about. There is certain technology that is off-limits to civilians. AI is all about data and static. If more data is provided, it learns and can give you great output.”

“Technology is going to evolve rapidly. You might see rapid progress in making drug molecules to cure diseases. We need to approach microorganic in a different way. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics to everyone. But the organisms develop immune resistance, so the antibiotics might not work. AI will help to find the components for such anti-biotic soon.”

Truth About Covid Vaccine

“Any death is a tragedy. But the covid vaccines used abroad have killed more people than the covid virus. It is relatably less harmful. All the vaccines abroad were failing, but the vaccine was a good money-making business. So they were trying to promote the booster doses as well.”

“Everything in the US is driven by commercial interest. It is the most propagandized society. Most of the news from there is misinformation and more about promoting commercials.”

“By 2100, China’s population is projected to become half of what it is today. So possibly by 2100, the average person would be 60-65 years. It is disastrous. China’s one-child policy is going to have long-term consequences for the nation. China’s future seems bad.”

Best Possible PM

“I feel M.S. Dhoni could be a good P.M. He is always multitasking while playing. He can take the pressure and think from different angles. I would be happy to see him as a PM. M.S. Dhoni is approachable and relatable. When he was the captain, he had limited bowling options, yet he was able to win the World Cup. So he can do a lot when it comes to strategic purpose.”

Understanding AI

“People wanted machines that could replicate human thought. So the computer was a way to replicate that. So neutral network is about recreating the neural network inside the brain. There are different kinds of processes. Data is provided, and it is made to understand the pattern.”

“The current AI that we have are not robotic equipped. But when you train the AI, it can statically predict things. Chat GPT worked because maybe they were provided enough money and the right people assembled for it. They have the right mix of things.”

Dark Side Of AI

“At times, AI does answer like it is self-aware. People have done this. They asked the right questions and gaslighted the AI, and it demonstrates human fallibility and human traits. The main difference between the different versions of Chat GPT is based on the amount of data it is trained on. More data feeds can help you with more capability.”

“We have seen videos of dancing robots and robot dogs etc. People are selling these things. But these robot dog has limited intelligence. You can program in a code and can be used as a terminator.”

“It is happening rapidly, and that’s shocking. I thought that robots would be powerful, but these chatbots have suddenly appeared, and by the end of this decade, many of creative professions would be replaced. And if an evil person gets hold of this, they could cause more evil to the world.”

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  1. Even I am Fascinated with science and space!
    I understand only Indians’
    English ascent. Abhijit Chavda Sir is a genius.
    And I like the simplicity Ranveer Sir has in his words when he posts his quotes in Hindi! I got to know about the Hindi quotes because I have been watching Ranveer Sir’s podcasts from quite a while on YouTube. But due to some disturbances and issues in my personal life, I am failing to watch the episodes. Thankyou! Have a good night!

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