From Monk To Millionaire To Monk – Palga Rinpoche’s Epic Life

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This is a conversation with a monk who sold his Maserati.

Very early on Palga Rinpoche realized the true purpose of spirituality and understood that materialism is not the answer to long-term happiness.

This episode delves into Buddhism, spirituality, and achieving peace and happiness. Palga Rinpoche has had an interesting life, from being recognized as a reincarnation to experiencing extreme wealth at a young age to sleeping on the sidewalk when he was poor.

Spirituality is a term for which each one of us has a different definition. But all of them circle into the honest belief in a higher power, the universe, & our versions of God. It is something that needs to be done from a feeling of genuineness and deep belief. From this episode, I truly hope you find the answers you were looking for.

Such spiritual conversation can fuel true peace, happiness, and curiosity. I have had countless conversations about Hinduism, but this is our first Buddhist conversation.

This is about a Buddhist monk who adopted a monk’s life early on and then ended up leaving monkhood in his young adulthood and went to Europe. He made money and then figured the money was not the answer. He came back and continued his monkhood journey.

Past Life

“When I was young, I had many memories of my previous life. I remember being murdered. And the previous Palga Rinpoche was killed by the Chinese invading forces when China invaded Tibet in 1959. He stayed back to protect his monastery and was torched and killed. I remember those torches and pain.”

About Buddhism

“The Buddhism that we practice believes a lot in transformation. We don’t believe in achieving things the hard way. We prefer the smart way. We aim to transform ourselves into Buddha, pure beings.”

About His Guru

“My guru ji Gyalwang Drukpa of our lineage saw in his vision that I was born in Ladakh. Usually, when a Rinpoche is born, the guru will send a search party to the place that he sees in his vision. He gives some specifications to recognize the kid. I was one year old when they came, my mom requested them to let me stay. So till 8th grade, I was with my parents. I was a very normal child.”

“Rinpoche or the term is Tulku which is the correct term. Tulku means magically born. When a Tulku is born and given the title, it is a tulku’s responsibility to continue the lineage and propagate the teaching of the Buddha. I have to get up early at 5 A.M. and meditate till 7 P.M. Monks have more freedom, but a Tulka has to practice as we have to learn discipline at an early stage. Because moving forward in life, we are supposed to teach many kids.”

His Journey

“I left the monastery at the age of 18. I was fascinated by technology and computer. So I learned the computer language. One of the programmers saw my curiosity and invited me to England. I stayed there for two years. Initially, I struggled a lot. Then I came back and continued the practice. I accumulated good Karma. During this time I met a few rich European people. They helped me invest, and I enjoyed the material wealth for a while.”

“When I was poor, I was suffering. I spent a few days on the sidewalk in England when I was poor. I was in depression etc. I got kicked out of my job. Being too poor was extreme, and being rich was extreme. When I became rich, I started attracting people who I couldn’t relate to. It was crazy. Like when I had money, there was a time when I spent 15lacs for two nights in a hotel. I think I am fortunate that I saw all these things soon and helped me get back on track.”

“When I was in England, I used to have thoughts like being back and the feeling of being in the monastery and at home. But I was kind of trapped. I just sold everything and came back to India. I donated rest of my money to the monastery. I spent two years in retreat.”

Buddhism Ideology

“In Buddhism, the idea is samsara is full of suffering. It is not a physical place, it is when your mind is confused, and your default emotions are negative. We wish for, all old beings to be liberated from suffering and find ever-lasting happiness. We don’t see the nature of things. We only see things for how they appear. If you understand this, your perspective will change in life.”


“I won’t say that I have seen a physical ghost. But in Buddhism, Rinpoche does practice exorcism. Himalaya is an ancient place and hasn’t developed like the rest of the world. So a lot of spirits still reside, and if you build a house without performing proper rituals, it would be problematic. The spirits might enter into the body of some people. We are compassionate because they are also suffering.”

Power Of Meditation

“The power of meditation is crazy. Even if you sleep for 2-3 hours, you will feel like you slept for 7-8 hours. It makes your soul rest. At times you will reach a portal, and certain practices help you get deeper into a certain aspect of life. The deeper you go into spirituality, you will realize that most of the things you want to abstain from are inside you.”

 Last Message

“Stop looking for happiness outside. Everything is temporary, and everything has a price tag. So don’t limit yourself. Be understanding, have patience, and just be good. Try to be compassionate in life.”

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  1. Hi, thank you for such a great episode. You have delivered sir, as always! Is there a way how to contact Palga Rinpoche directky (or perhaps his secretary)? I want to ask on behalf of my mum… Thank you!

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